Burn Baby Burn

In an attempt to get back into shape, I have been logging my food and exercise on my iTouch thru myfitnesspal.com. It is so easy to keep track and you can find most any food:

A class is so not in our budget right now, so I picked up a Pilates video to do at home with Chazz at my side!

Which is not easy. I’m on my mat doing my thing and he is on his, either laughing at me (so distracting!) or rolling under me.
Aside from my video 2x a week, I am also *trying* to get in this mini workout everyday:
20 crunches
10 pushups
30 leg lifts (each)
15 pelvic tilts
10 up and outs (each leg)
15 lunges
10 fire hydrants (each)

I love that burn, baby!


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