Mum’s NumNums- Bananacado Puree

TGIF! Here is a great baby food recipe for the weekend. Chazz didn’t really like avacado by itself, so I mixed it in with a little bit of banana. We both love this Bananacado, its been a race to see who can eat it faster!


What I Used:
3 Bananas
2 Avacados
BM or formula to thin
3 Ice cube trays

What I Did:
Dice bananas and scoop avacado into a blender and blend with BM until smooth.
Pour into ice cube trays and freeze for easy 1oz servings. Just pull out a few to thaw overnight in the refridgerator.

*this makes a great “diaper bag meal”- just throw a banana and an avacado in your bag and go. Mash up what you need for baby, and eat the rest!

Banana and avacados are both perfect for baby food. Bananas are known as the fruit of the wise.
Avocados have 14 minerals that aid growth, including iron and copper for blood. The sodium and potassium keeps the body balanced and their low sugar content and absence of starch make them an ideal fruit. Vitamins in both fruits include A, several B-complex, C, and E, as well as phosphorus and magnesium. Both bananas and avacados easily digestible fat, so it’s easy on a little tummy.


Break Out The Pabst, er, Bubbly!

This week has been one big celebration!

The doc called with Chazz’s MRI results, and (drumroll please!) it is good news. There are no tumors or pockets in his brain, and no defects! Both of his optic nerves are underdeveloped, as they thought, but things could be so much worse. I read that 6 out of 10 ONH babies have a midline brain defect, and am greatful that Chazz is in that last forty percent!
Along with the optic nerves, his pituitary gland is on the small side, so we will be seeing an endocrinologist to check his hormones. If it is also underdeveloped, Chazz will be given whatever hormones he needs as supplements. All things considered, this is a huge relief. Google was really starting to get me down! There is so much more to this condition, that we thankfully won’t have to deal with.

It’s nice to know what we are facing. That there is a plan of action to get through this chin up, and Chazz will be our happy, healthy little man, no matter what!

The Dreaded MRI

Well, Chazz is out. He did good this morning, a lot better than we expected. I thought he would be screaming from 2am on! He fussed at first, but Daddy is so smart and put on cartoons. He was as happy as a clam all the way through check in. Chazz even fell asleep on Roman’s shoulder until it was time to hand him over to his nurse. Now it’s just waiting.

15 minutes till we get to see him!!!!!!!!!!

Aaaaand they LIE!!

Finally got to see my lil man. He was one fiesty mess until I fed him. He had a little trouble nursing at first, he’d pause to yell at me and then continue eating. Holding him is the best feeling ever! The sight of him wrapped in the heated hospital blankie reminds me of when I first held him. There is something about the smell of those blankets that takes me back. I’m just glad he’s here, he’s somewhat content, and he’s ok!

It’s policy to stay for an hour after so we are just now getting to pack up… Chazz is oh so sleepy! He’s able to flirt with the nurses, so I think he is going to be just fine!

We’re home and taking a family nap. All we have for discharge instructions are to feed on demand (duh!), let him sleep (really??), and lay him on his side in case of vomiting. All three of us are barely able to keep our eyes open, so night-night!

Just woke up, and I’m still tired! We all got to cuddle and catch up on some sleep. Chazz is his normal, playful self. I wonder if he even remembers?!

Here’s the “damage”-
*3 pokes from attempts at an IV-in his head, and both feet
*bandage on right foot from IV
*a cough- maybe from the breathing tube shoved in his lungs
*sticky gook from monitors on leg, chest, and chin
*sticky gook and red from eye covers on face

We will have a follow up appt with our pedi to go over the results, so even more waiting! It is so nice to have that out of the way though. Soon we will know the extent of things and what all we’re dealing with. It will be nice to know where to go from here…

A Big Thank You

Chazz has his MRI tommorow to fully diagnose his Optic Nerve Hypoplasia. This week has been long and exhausting, but the many well wishes and prayers have really helped us through! Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and wish us luck!


A Strange And Unnerving Feeling

Roman and I went out last night.
On a date.
Without El Bebe.
For the second time.

I really didn’t realize how absurd that sounds until I said it out loud. He is almost 6 months old. Aside from 1-2 hour adventures (mostly when my two besties kidnap me in my spit-up stained pj’s…), I have gone out without him TWICE!!

Is that some sort of complex??

The first time was my 21st birthday. Chazz was 2 months old, and I was not ready, to say the least. A friend watched him while we went to the bar with Roman’s family. I tried not to worry because I knew he was safely snuggled in a bestie’s arms. But my stomach was in knots and my anxiety was in high gear. Even after a drink. I broke down and called 45 minutes into what was supposed to be an evening of “bar hopping.” I went to one…. and hurried home to snuggle!
My Mom had him that night while we had friends over, but after a couple hours away, I was in a panic, and ready to have him there. Granted, he was only 2 months old, so I didn’t expect to be completely comfortable without him.

And last night was the second time. We went to the opening night of EVIL DEAD for a friend’s birthday. And this little momma thought ahead! My mom watched him at our house so I could see him the moment we got home. I know, right?! But I made it through the play and even did a little celebrating after. But it didn’t take long for the nervous ball in my chest to start pulling on my heart-strings… But I made it 5 hours without him. And I even had fun!

Part of me is starting to wonder if this is a problem! Or I’m just weaning myself from him. Slowly. It is a strange and unnerving feeling to be somewhat without him. Five hours isn’t even a full work day! I don’t know how workin’ mommas do it. I’m sure I would run home to my baby at lunch, and never come back! I mean, when somebody is in your belly for nine months kicking the crap out of your ribs, you really get attached! It should take about that long to feel comfortable away from him, right?

Or will I ever feel ok without him by my side??

A Hard Pill to Swallow

Roman and I took Chazz along with us to play Folf at the park with some friends yesterday. (Folf= frisbee golf. I don’t know who came up with it or why…)

It didn’t take long for me to realize that throwing a folf disk 150 yards with a baby at the hip is IMPOSSIBLE! So Chazz and I headed to the playground.

*Side Note*
I sometimes feel out of place there… I get “side eyed” a lot because
1. Most moms there are twice my age and
2. I still look 16.
So I headed straight for the swings…

I was in need of some cuddles so I just kept Mister Chazz in the sling and hopped on the swing. And just as I thought, he loved it!

It was so nice to hear him laughing. It is a relief for me to see him happy. The last couple days have been hard for me, knowing that he may have limited vision. I’m sick with anxiety, and have too many unanswered questions. It has been a hard pill to swallow.

I keep thinking that he might miss out on all the beauty around him.

Just swinging there, with my son giggling into my chest, was a beautiful moment. It made me realize that he doesn’t have to see perfectly to enjoy the world around him. He has been a happy, sweet, bright baby since day one. He is a spitfire like his momma, and I hope he won’t let anything stand in his way.

That moment with you is possibly my favorite so far…

My hopes for you are high, as is my pride. Mom can’t help but want the best for you. I will try to get through this week in one piece. I want to be your strength when you need it. I want to know all of the answers. I am always in control, but this week has been, and still is, totally out of my hands… But I will fight hard to find answers and pray for strength. You are my handsome, smart, tough little man with a wonderful life ahead of you. Daddy and I will stop at NOTHING but the best for you and love you more than you will ever know!
All of my love,

Wordless Wednesday

Chazz at 2 weeks old.

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