A Dose of Sunshine

Roman and I have wanted to take Chazz on a walk all week, but the weather has been rather crappy!
We got up this morning, expecting to pack up the little one and finally get out of the house. But of course it snowed here in BFE last night, and that’s what we woke up to!
Thank goodness the sun came out, and the snow melted by mid-afternoon, so we were able to go. I worry if my little winter baby gets enough sunlight! Anyway, the walk was refreshing for this cooped-up momma, and hubby time is always so nice!

Mr. Chazz ended up being bundled up in blankies when the wind picked up.

What a cutie!

Daddy even took some good pictures:

It was nice to get some fresh air finally. The walk was wonderful. Refreshing. There were little kids fishing and big fluffy clouds in the sky!

I really hope spring decides to visit The Big Sky soon…


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