First Easter

You woke up all smiles, and I got you washed up and dressed for church. You looked like a little stud in your new outfit!

At church, you were just an angel! You seemed amazed by the bells and the choir music.

At Great Gma and Gpa E’s, your little cousins sure had a blast with you! Little Eric and Isaac were playing with you, then sweetly rocked you to sleep in your carseat. At dinner, I gave you a taste of mashed potatoes, which you didn’t seem too mind at all!

At Gma and Gpa H’s, you had fun with your new stuffed bunny. The soft fir on your face made you giggle.

You even spotted a hidden egg and grabbed it! Mommy was so proud!

After such a long day, you really enjoyed our bath! You splish-splashed and giggled the whole time. I barely got you in your PJ’s, and you were out.

I love you little bunny!


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