Mommy Milestone. Come Linkup!

As a first time mommy, I spend a lot of time anticipating and celebrating each and every one of Chazz’s milestones. It is an amazing thing to witness. But I’m starting to realize that I have reached a few milestones myself. And they need some celebrating too! {hey, any reason to pop open a bottle of wine!} Here are some of my mommy milestones

Anxiety. Particularly seperation anxiety! The first couple of times that we left Chazz were really hard for me. But its slowly getting better. This last time, I was a little more relaxed. I didn’t feel panic-y or as anxious to get home to him. It felt nice to get out with Roman and not feel guilty or as stressed. Just enjoying our time together was such a relief! I think it is only a matter of time before I’m more comfortable without him.

Some sort of schedule assymbled. Mostly in hopes of getting our lives back in order. Yes, I realize it will never be the same. And that “order” won’t be possible everyday. I can’t balance it all (yet!) but my new stay at home mom schedule is working well. And to have a few thing accomplised at the end of the day feels nice!

A few milestones that I’m looking forward to:

Sleeping. Ever.
Ok but really, him sleeping in his own bed, and someday his own room, will be nice. But nobody is ready for that yet, especially me! He sleeps well on his own for naps, but with him still nursing at night, it is so hard for me to get out of bed, let alone going in another room. I’m hoping that the weeks following our move, we can slowly move him into his own bed.

Losing the diaper bag. I love love love my diaper bag. Love it! And I am nowhere near being able to give it up. But at some point, it won’t be needed. Not having to lug it around all the time will be nice. {I swear, it’s worse than a purse. I need a back adjustment!} Maybe a small pack for quick changes, and the bulk of it can be in the car?? Because I’m a “just in case” kind of girl.

There are so many things a mom learns along the way! What Mommy Milestones have you accomplished? What are you still working on? Link up, pour a glass of wine, and lets toast to our success!


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We’re Moving!

Finally! ::SQUEE!::

That kinda sorta maybe means blogging won’t be happening. I know, I know, try not to lose it! But with all of the packing {gag}, the maze of boxes, cleaning, and unpacking, aaaand being mom, I just won’t have time… It’s not you, it’s me. 🙂

But when the dust clears (and the wifi is back up), I’ll be sure to post some before and after pics of our new home

Until then, my lovlies!

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The Somewhat Effective Schedule

Does anyone else feel like this? Like on the bad days, the day is gone before I’m out of my PJ’s. And on the good days, I’m still miles behind on my to do list. I can never get it all done! Like D-O-N-E done.

I’ll be the first to admit, we are far from finding domestic bliss in our home, and I never stop trying. But a post over at Accustomed Chaos got me thinking about what’s really important. Keeping a clean house is important, but having fun with Chazz is top priority.

I’m trying to keep that in mind while in search of the perfect schedule. Something to fit in all of the things that need done and fun time too! It needs to fit in the following, but but flexible enough to roll with naps, nursing, and a teething baby. And a lot of playtime!

*Eat breakfast (Always a challenge!)
*Get Chazz and I ready
*Pick up, light cleaning, dishes
*Run arrands, sort mail, pay bills
*Dinner and prep
*Work out and/or get out!
*Relax and Free time

Here is what I came up with. There is time inbetween so that I can tend to Chazz if he gets fussy, or just wants to play!

I’m going to try to stick to this schedule in hopse of getting something, anything, done. But the end of the day, if I have a messy house and a happy baby, the day is still a success in my book!

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Wordless-less Wednesday

I just love these two! I love the special laughs that Chazz has just for his daddy. It’s sweet how he says “dadada” and giggles.

Watching them play is heartwarming, and I can’t wait to see them grow together!

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Summer Safety

Chazz’s first summer is fast approaching, and I need to be prepared. Summer is going to be a fun time to play together, and I have been doing a lot of summer safety research during naptime! Here are a few things I’ve learned to keep little one safe:

-Babies under six months of age should be kept out of the direct sunlight.

-Move your baby to the shade or under a tree, umbrella, stroller canopy, or baby tent.

-Dress babies in lightweight clothing that covers the arms and legs, and use brimmed hats. That is the best protection. I love Baby Gap hats!

-Apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before going outside, and use sunscreen even on cloudy days. It should have an SPF 30 at the least. I like Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection.

-Sunblock and sunscreen are not the same! Sunscreens absorb ultraviolet light so that it doesn’t reach your skin, while sunblock blocks them. Sunblock is better and protects from UVA and UVB rays.

-Some sunscreens claim to be sunblock. Don’t be fooled! Look for the ingredients titanium dioxide or zinc oxide.

Some with good reviews:
Blue Lizard Australian Suncream SPF 30 Baby
Blue Lizard Australian Suncream SPF 30 Sensitive
Neutrogena Sunblock Lotion Sensitive Skin SPF 30
California Baby Sunblock SPF 30
Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection

-Most products are for 6 months+, but the American Academy of Pediatrics says they are okay to use on younger babies if there is no way to avoid the sun. They recommend:

“For babies younger than six months, use sunblock on small areas of the body such as the face and the backs of the hands if protective clothing and shade are not available. For babies older than six months apply to all areas of the body but be careful around the eyes.”

-Babies dehydrate and overheat much easier than adults. If baby is overly sleepy or fussy, it may be time to cool off.

-Try absorbant bath toys soaked in cool water for play!

-Breastfeed or offer formula more often to ensure enough fluids. Some pedi’s also recommend water, ask yours. I keep a sippy cup full of cold water for Chazz to sip on.

-Inflatable summer toys can be fun, but don’t rely on floatation devices. They are never foolproof and your baby should be supervised at all time. Infants can drown even in shallow water.

I love this inflatable wading pool for babies. The cute little mushroom provides some shade!

Insect Repelent kind if scares me when it comes to putting it on my baby, but it’s important to protect them from things like Lime Disease.

-There are a ton of natural repellants that use lemon or citronella oils, or eucalyptus. I love California Baby Natural Bug Blend. It uses citronella, lemongrass, and cedar, and is safe for baby, pets, and the environment. Some don’t find them as effective, so using them with a bug net might work for you.

-When using a bug repellant with DEET or picaridin, make sure the concentration is less than 30%.

-Don’t use any repellant on babies under 2 months.

-Spray the product on your hands and rub on any exposed skin, that way baby doesn’t inhale it or get it in his eyes! If this happens, you should call the poison control center right away.

-I don’t like sunblock/repellant combos for the simple fact that sunblock needs reapplied often, and repellant doesn’t. That means too much chemicals for your little one!

Whew! There are so many little things involved in a simple walk in the park or trip to the lake. I can’t wait for his first summer to start! And I’ll be able to relax know he is protected from bugs and sun rays, and enjoy his summer fun. Do you have any summer tips?

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Forever & After- How It All Began

Wow, that sure went by fast! Roman and I got married one year ago today!

For our One Year Anniversary, I thought I would tell a little story about how we met.

Once apon a time, I was 17, he was, well… not! The scene starts in the backseat of a mutual friends car. (Don’t worry, I swear this is PG!) And I was completely ignoring him. Yep, wouldn’t even give him the time of day. I heard he was trouble, and wanted nothing to do with it. {I thought.} Turns out, he was just the trouble I was looking for, I just didn’t know it yet.

Fast forward to the very next day. I headed to the public library, and sure enough the only computer open was right next to him… And I am so glad I sat there! I thought he was super cute, and he smelled so good! I ended up asking him to lunch with me when a friend bailed, and we spent the whole meal laughing. And despite looking like trouble, I found he was the sweetest guy ever!

After lunch, we went to the park and sat and talked. And it was an awesome, amazing connection. There were never any of those silent awkward moments or weird pauses. It all just flowed! We flow.

And then we just never stopped hanging out! We spent that summer, always together. Attatched at the hip. Here are some of our favorite pictures from back in the day:

Weren’t we just the cutest little rebels! I love the picture of us holding hands. It was only a couple days after we met. The second is in Subway a couple weeks later. {Gosh, I wish I could get that tan again…} The third is us being cute for the camera. Rawr! The last photo was a year after we met. ❤

What an amazing summer that was. I had met the love of my life, and didn’t know it yet! It was perfect, young love that grew into that forever and after kind of love.

Here is a screenshot of a myspace message (yes, myspace) that I found from him. Notice the date!

It has been four years since that beautiful summer. Since then, we have tied the knot and started a family, but we’re still the two teens in love, who just never stopped holding hands!

And they lived happily ever after!

Where Did May Go??

It’s a busy week in the Forever&After house, with birthdays {particularly Roman’s} anniversaries {ours! teeheehee!!}, and this year, a friend’s wedding! So of course, there has been no time to blog! Here is the quick rundown:

Yesterday, one of my very good friends got married. Good, as in going into the sixth grade, and coming out together alive, good. I’m honored that I was a bridesmaid, and got to stand by her for one of the biggest days of her life! It was a beautiful ceremony (I only teared up a couple times!) and the reception was a blast! Chazz even came and was amazing for his daddy all day! Of course, once the reception started, he flirted his way around.

We also got into a house that we liked. It wasn’t our first pick, but it is still a great place. It’s a little out of town, with a nice fenced yard for the mutts, and a creek along the back. We’re waiting for the new carpet and appliances, and then we get to move in.

Buh-Bye lil old apartment!

Roman’s 23rd birthday is on Monday, and I’m still thinking of what to do! Maybe a picnic?

And the greatest part of May??
Tomorrow is our 1 Year Anniversary! It has gone by pretty dang fast, and it’s still somewhat of a shock to us both. We have a babysitter lined up, so it’s out on the town for a little fun!
In celebration, tomorrows post is going to be epic. And a little embarassing… I’m writing our love story, complete with pictures of us circa 17yrs old. Epic I tell ya!

But that’s all I can say until tommorow’s post!! And thanks for all of the comment/vote lovins, I promise I’ll get back after all of this madness is over!

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