Today’s Good Finds

I finally got around to returning that dang recalled baby Motrin and Tylenol at Walmart. I had some leftover cash after buying the generic brand, and scored some sweet baby swag for Chazz.

I got the cutest crab onesie from Garanimals. I love that they have some cute singles for 3 bucks! That’s seriously a good deal because Chazz is constantly growing out if things.

It’s about time for a starter sippy, so I picked up this Nuby sippy cup for $3. His very first sippy! It’s got a soft spout for him to nom on for teething times. I shook it around as hard as I could, and no leaks.

And my final steal was a Munchkin mesh feeder for $2. I got it for steamed foods in a couple months, but I discovered a little secret! I slipped a frozen banana slice in it to soothe his tender little gums. Perfect teether!

Overall, I think that it was $8 well spent for my Little Man! And finally, some Tylenol that’s not tainted!!!

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