Big Boy Means Big Toys

Chazz is growing up way too fast for this momma’s liking. His 6 month birthday is right around the corner and I’m in denial. I’m stunned! What happened to my baby?! I never gave him permission to grow up. That oh-so-precious first year is almost half way over… I wish I could slow down time, just to enjoy as it as much as I possibly can. Or rewind and live it again.

Life is a-changin’!
I used to worry if he was getting enough milk. What his cries meant. If his poop was too green!
Now I’m packing away 3-6 outfits.
All of his new toys are 6m+.
I bought The Sippy and about a dozen different feeding contraptions. He even feeds himself bananas in his new mesh feeder.

He’s pushing up and scooting.

He’s holding himself up and tripoding.

And he’s taking to his first sippy like a champ!

As hard as it is to take in, it’s exciting to witness all of those connections being made, the lightbulbs, all of the firsts. And it seems that he has a new one to suprise us with every day!

I just know I’ll be cherishing these next six months, they can go by so fast.

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