To Catch Up

Now that things have calmed down, and I have time to sit and write (or sit at all!), I can catch up on what’s been going on. Not to mention, I forgot to have the Internet switched to the new house and had to wait all weekend for WiFi….

With a little a lot if help from out fam and friends, we are all moved in to our new place. And by that I mean, it’s quite a wreck! There are empty boxes, full boxes, and boxes of boxes as far as the eyes can see. But it is all (slowly) coming together, and we love it!

Chazz is really enjoying the hardwood floors, and the advantages they offer. He has figured out how to push himself (backwards!) across the living room. At which point he peeks at us from around the corner!

We too are loving the new house, and all of the space it offers. It has also inspired me to start meal planning better. We are farther out of town now, and any last minute trips to the store will be costly. More on that later, and look forward to some yummy recipes!

It feels good to have our lives {somewhat} back in order. And I promise to post some cute pictures of the Chazz-man ASAP!


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