Mommy Must-Haves

Since becoming a mom, there are quite a few baby things that have become “Must-Haves” in the Forever&After home.

Playmat- It has toys, tummy time, entertainment, fun fabric and colors. We have a dragonfly mat made by Carters, and Chazz still uses his.

Bumbo Seat- It helps Chazz sit up of course, along with being a feeding station on the go, and handy for sitting him up in the “big boy bath.” Oh, and Chazz thinks it is great to nom on! They have a table that attatches for feedings or toys.

Teething Toys- Chazz loves to nom on Sophie, his Baby Einstein refridgerated teething ring, and a mesh feeder for frozen fruit.

Baby-safe Mirror- Lifesaver! Chazz can babble to himself, and not feel “alone.” Sometimes it is the only way I can get 5 minutes to shower, eat, or run to the bathroom ; )

Boppy- Not just for feeding! It’s great for tummy-time, to prop him up when sitting, and a pillow for me.

Changing Table- Not having to bend over the bed really saves my back, and it provides shelves for storage, so for me, this has been a must have!

Boon Squirt Spoon- Its a spoon and baby food container in one. It’s good for on the go. And it’s really cute! Just throw it in your diaper bag and you’re golden. The cap keeps it closed and clean. I got ours from

Pumps- For this nursing momma, a pump is a must. I have both an electric and a hand pump from Medela. Honestly, hand pumping is a big pain, but it comes in handy (pun!) The electric is good for both comfort and ease. I recommend getting a handsfree attatchment, so you can pump and feed all at once.

Playpen- We have Graco’s Pack n’ Play, and we have used it since day one. It’s a bassinet, extra changing table, and mobile crib. Later, it can keep him contained for a minute or two and be a safe place to play

Sling/Carrier- I love wearing Chazz in a sling. We can snuggle, I can get things done (mostly!) and he can grab at everything, lol! I wera him grocery shopping, in church, on walks. We have both an Infantino 6in1 Rider and a Munchkin Jelly Bean sling. They both allow Chazz to be in a variety of different positions and give my arms/neck/back a break!

Diaper Pail- I made the mistake of getting the Diaper Genie II. Don’t get me wrong, it does a great job of keeping in the stink, but all of the bag refills add up. The Munchkin Arm & Hammer version takes regular bags, and I’ve heard it works just as well.

Coffee- Does coffee count?? Because this mommy must have a latte to get through the day! {possibly why I’ve been a barista all these years} Roman bought me a Cafe Roma espresso machine and I absolutely love love love it! Also, a coffee pot with a timer is good. Hot coffee with no effort.

I wouldn’t take on mommyhood without this stuff! And I’m sure there will be a ton more things added along the way.

What’s in your mommy toolbelt? Any “must-haves?”


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Andie
    Jun 10, 2010 @ 15:21:50

    Coffee is essential. But as a mom of toddler twins I could not live without my leashes!


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