Just Give Me The Spoon!

I’m kind of OCD when it comes to some things. Most are random weird things that my husband gets to make fun of, because I agree, they are strange. Like I don’t really like people dishing up food for me, or anyone zipping up my jacket (or touching the zipper at all, really…) And some are things that really get to me, like I can’t stand being wet the instant I turn off the shower. Or dirt. I hate the feeling of dirt. I’d garden with rubber gloves, that’s how bad it is, lol!! {I didn’t really expect my tendencies to be compatible with motherhood, but why not try, right?!}

Since introducing Chazz to solids, I have been trying SO hard to keep him, his clothes, and everything around him clean during meal time. So far, I have been failing miserably at it. Wiping his face off every couple bites. Keeping his hands from grabbing the dish, the spoon, the bib. It doesn’t work.

And bibs do nothing for this kid. He just grabs at it, and rubs what ever spills it may have caught all over himself anyway. He needs something that ties to keep it down. Why don’t they have baby aprons?!

Well, Note to self: Being a mother, while you are trying to control everything, gets a tad exhausting. So it’s time to just let some things go. Like messy feedings.

I have come up with 2 OCD friendly solutions to this problem:

Feed him naked, or scantily clad, in just a diaper. Or dress him to match his meals. i.e. if he’s eating applesauce and stewed prunes like today, he should be wearing his burgandy Montana Griz pj’s.

After weeks of trying to control the mess, I finally gave in.

I gave him the spoon.

And then the dish. NomNom!

“Almost gone, see?”

At least he uses a napkin!

Wow. It’s everywhere!

“This was all in my plan to get in the bath sooner!”

He had so much fun squishing his apple-prune oatmeal. It was on his face, his bib, the floor. And I winced a little inside, but hey, you can’t control everything, and the boy is eventually going to get dirty anyways, so why not just give him the spoon!

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6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. toriebartee
    Jun 15, 2010 @ 19:48:58

    I am the same way! Trying to control things, but you just gotta let go. He is so adorable by the way!


  2. Sara
    Jun 16, 2010 @ 09:00:05

    Since the weather got nice, we’ve just been stripping the boy down… but I have done the shirt matching thing too! Last night my Oliver cried when I tried to take the spoon away from him, like I was stealing his favorite toy! Oh, well… I guess it’s time for baby crackers and other stuff he can feed himself!

    Great pictures! I love the “see, almost gone!”


  3. rachmackie
    Jun 20, 2010 @ 20:22:16

    Ha! I think every new mom must go through this internal battle and ultimately arrive at the same conclusion you did! (At least every Type-A one!)

    Our favorite solution to the bib issue has been to buy a bunch of cheap shirts one size too big (we bought them at a Children’s consignment shop). We simply put an entire shirt on over a cute outfit (or the “bib shirt” can be worn alone). In any event, it’s a lot easier to clean than naked baby with prunes all down the belly but not as tedious as dealing with a bib! 🙂


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