One Little Tooth

It suprises me how fast this first tooth is coming in! Saturday, when I first felt it, it was just a speck. And now, just THREE days later, the whole top ridge has broken through! The Little Man is growing right before our eyes. I usually try to ignore the fact, but that cute little pearly white is a constant reminder that he is.

To tell you the truth, this milestone kind of snuck up on me. I knew he was about that age. And has been a little more cranky than usual. But other than than that, it wasn’t really on my mommy radar. In retrospect, I missed a couple unexpected clues that he was, in fact, teething.

The drool was a definate sign. This last month, the faucet has been on! Chazz’s onesies quickly get drenched around the neckline. I’m constantly wiping drool off of that double chin for fear of a rash. I would keep a bib on the boy, but you all know how much Chazz and I love bibs!

His fingers have been constantly in his mouth this last week. I thought he was just switching it up from the thumb. But oh no! Those baby fingers were just backup teethers. Feeling around. Scoping out new territory.

Lip smacking. Again, I thought it was just a new trick. But he’s been using that bottom lip as a teether too. All the little faces he makes when smacking his lips are the best!

Boob biting. Ok not really biting yet, but more like gumming. Painful gumming. Ouch. We take a little nursing break along with a firm “no.” I’m hoping he’ll learn before the teeth actually come in. So cross your fingers for me, mmkay?

Though it’s happening a lot sooner and faster than I imagined, that pearly white is adorable. Maybe with the next baby, I’ll have a clue on what to look for!

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