One of my best friends is moving today. Back to her hometown in Cali where she moved from way back in high school.

We met on the first day of school. It was my Senior year, her Sophomore, in First period Yearbook. She was new. And had “my” piercings. (She says I gave her a “dirty look,” I don’t recall, but I may have 🙂 So we pretty much avoided each other the first two weeks of class.

Then we got paired up for a Yearbook project. And it turned out we liked the same music. (imagine that…) And became buddies. And pretty much locked ourselves in the AV room, and edited pages for the rest of the year, laughing, and “jammin’ out” to the anthems of our angst-y youth.

Those days layed the foundation for what will be a lifelong friendship. She was my shoulder to cry on when I miscarried. She stood alongside me as I married my (other) best friend. She was there when Chazz was born. (Not there, mind you, because I kicked everyone out. But outside the delivery room taking pictures of my nervous dad!) She is Chazz’s Godmom.

She gets me. I don’t have to say what I’m thinking, she knows. I don’t even have to say what I’m looking for, she’s already handing it to me. We often joke that she is the other half of my brain. (These days, she might even be all of it…) She brings me coffee. She picks me out clothes when we shop. She kidnaps me when I need a break.

And she just gets me. (did I mention that?)

I’m having a hard time keeping it together today. I’ll admit there have been a few tears… And I can’t come up with any profound words to explain what I’m feeling. I’m sad that she’s leaving. But I’m excited for her new adventure.

But I’m going to be a little empty. And probably a little disoriented. As half of my heart, and my brain, moves to the ocean…

::sigh:: I love you Sarah. And someday, I’ll wave to you from my beach house, right next to yours!

circa Yearbook Class
(photo: circa Yearbook Class)

(photo: goodbyes today)


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