And We Have A Winner

I know it is Chazz’s 9 Month Birthday, but that post is coming in the ‘morn. Truth is, he looks super cute today, and I want to use them!

But to celebrate, here is the winner of the E.L.F. Cosmetics Smokey Eye Kit:

(drumroll please) 🙂

Tanya, The Chatty Mom
You win! I’ll email you soon!

And now we’re off to check out the music in the park.

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9 Months Old

Since Chazz will be 10 MONTHS OLD in a couple days, I figure I should post this, huh?

Well Chazz-man,
Here we are, at nine months old. You have been an “outside baby” just as long as you were inside the belly. And I know I will say this again and again, but this really is the best month yet. You are becoming so independent and personable. We’re so proud of the little man you are turning into. My, how your Daddy beams when someone mentions how handsome/sweet/charming you are.

This month has been a big change for all of us. You have grown a ton, popped 6 teeth through, and say Mama and Dada with intent. With Mommy back at work part time, our days are a little different, but you’ve been a champ through it all. You are quite the expert crawler, moving at lightning speeds across the room. You also love to pull up on any and everything to stand. You’re becoming more daring about standing up, often only holding on with one hand. Twice now, you have let go to try out standing on your own. A brave little guy!

You are well on your way to being a toddler. To being a ONE year old! (seriously, HOW DID THAT HAPPEN??) And yes, the party planning is in full swing already. But for now, we are just taking it all in, and enjoying these last few months of babyhood.

And Baby Boy… just stay the charming and determined little bugger you are, and nothing will be impossible.

Love you,

~~9 Month Stats~~
Weight:- 16 lbs 7.6oz
Length:- 23 inches
Diaper size: 3
Clothing size: Mostly 9M and some 12M.
Sleeping: Sleeps great, but doesn’t sleep in! 7 am or earlier :/
Eating: Besides BM, he has tried rice and oatmeal, sweet potatoes, squash, applesauce, bananas, avocado, prunes, peas, mango, carrots, pumpkin, green beans, blueberry, pear, watermelon, melon, chicken, Pedialite, watered down prune juice, teething crackers.
Fave toy: Books Books Books!
Fave thing to do: Drum and crawl around. Take off his socks!
Latest milestones: Cruising.
Babbling: Dada, Mama, a whole bunch of other babbling.
Tooth Count: 8. EIGHT! 4 on top, 4 below. Help us!
I look forward to: Helping you take some steps.
Fave Pic: “Cruisin'”

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The Working Mom: Part 2

This past week has been a whirlwind. Of activities. Of emotions. Of everything!

I’m enjoying being a working mom (for the most part!) and all the things that come with it. Like adult interaction and conversation. Money is nice. And being surrounded by designer labels doesn’t hurt either!

It’s hard to leave him every morning, but it is getting easier. And I appreciate my “Stay At Home Mom Days” that much more. It is hard to be on my feet all day, and then come home and put on my Supermom cape. I’m worn out, tired, and maybe even a little grumpy somedays. {who, me??} But I’m adjusting and I hope I won’t be a zombie forever 🙂

The only things that have me a little down, aren’t so bad I guess. We decided to give him formula during the days I am at work. I neve thought The F-Word would creep into our lives, and Chazz’s belly, but it ended up being the easiest for all involved. I do pump and dump to keep my supply up, and boy is it hard to pour that “liquid gold” out! I’m trying not to feel guilty about not exclusively nursing him to One like I planned. But hey, nothing really goes as planned, does it?!

I don’t really know where I’m going with this post, but this is all a big change, and my mind is still transitioning! So bear with me, as I try to fit it all in, and find time to blog as well.

And, as always, any advice is much appreciated! So if you have “been there, done that” help a mama out.

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e.l.f. Cosmetics- Smokey Eye Kit Review And Giveaway

I pretty much love doing my makeup. It’s fun. And let’s face it, it’s time to myself in the morning. Just me and my iTouch. I get to sing to myself, dance like a maniac rockstar, and get pretty!

When Eyes Lips Face Cosmetics offered to let me try out their Smokey Eye Kit, I was more than willing. I already had a few e.l.f. brushes in my arsenal that I use, and I trusted that their makeup would be of the same quality.

Oh, and the fact that every one needs a smokey eye kit. It’s my go-to look, I just switch up the colors to keep it fresh. (try purples or browns, two of my faves.)

What’s in the Kit?

-Eye Brightening Shadow Quad
-Cream Shadow Duo
-Eyeliner Pen
-Black Pencil Liner
-White Brightening Liner
-Eyeshadow Brush
-Smudge Tool
-False Lashes
-Eye Makeup Remover Pads
-Leather Wristlet Bag
-Eyelash Curler

What I Liked:

I liked that this kit is a full kit, and everything you need. It includes all of the shadows, liners, and tools for a smokey eye. And even a cute bag to carry it all in. If you are unsure of how to get the look, e.l.f. offers a bunch of tutorials on their website. So easy!

I liked that the powdered shadows worked well on my skin. Most powders don’t stay on long (oily), if they even show up at all. The white shadow was intense enough to show up and stay put. The cream shadows went on smooth and smudged. I also love the Eye Brightning liner, us tired moms need all the help we can get to not look so, well, tired! It has become an everyday staple.
As I mentioned earlier, I already am a fan of e.l.f. makeup brushes and tools. The eyeshadow brushes carry and distribute the color very nicely. The smudge tool (which I had never really used prior) works way better than Q-Tips, lol. I also liked the eye makeup remover pads. They got all of my mascara off without any burning or irritation.

*Tip: For a more natural look to false lashes, cut one lash in half to use on the outer corners of each eye. Just a little bit of flair!*

What Needs Improvement:

I was a little intimidated by the eyelash curler. I’ve used the same brand since I started wearing makeup, and this one looked a tad bit archaic. It did a wonderful job of curling my lazy lashes, and I was impressed. Until the next morning, I pulled it out of my makeup bag, and the rubber piece was gone. Good thing they give you an extra rubber piece. That is all I would want to see changed.

My favorite part about e.l.f. is how reasonably priced their products are. Most of the essentials range from $1-$3. Now that fits into my budget nicely. And the Smokey Eye Kit is only $15. I’ve spent that in just mascara before!

Overall, I love this kit. The makeup is quality without being over-priced. And now I want to try all of the kits : )

Here’s the fun part:

E.l.f. Cosmetics is offering one of you wonderful readers a Smokey Eye Kit of your own. Pair it with a little black dress and you have the perfect look for a night out!

How you can enter:

There will be one required entry and three optional entries for this giveaway. Please leave your e-mail address in your entries so I can tell you if you’ve won. All entries are worth one entry.

Required Entry:
What is your favorite makeup tip, tool, or look?

Optional Entries:
Follow e.l.f. Cosmetics on Twitter for lots of tips and good deals.
Vote for this blog on Top Mommy Blogs. You can click on the Top Mommy Blogs badge on my sidebar. And then once on the brown screen that pops up. The numbers just got reset, and I could use the support. You can vote once daily. Thanks!
-Share this giveaway. Tweet it OR post it to your Facebook and include the link in your entry. OR e-mail a link to this giveaway to a friend and cc me. One entry per day.

I will draw the winner at 12pm EST on August 14th (Chazz’s 9 month birthday) via and announce the winner. Please respond within 48 hours to claim your loot.


*oh, and while I was given free product for the purpose of this review, I was in no way monetarily compensated, nor did it influence my opinion in any way. that would be lame.*

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The Working Mom

Ok, a quick post before bed! Today was my first day back to work as a mom. After 9 months of staying home with my Little Man, nine! {can I just say that again? Didn’t we just bring him home?} NINE MONTHS!

I was more than a little nervous to be away from my Velcro Baby. But this morning, I put on my big girl panties, packed up my pump {oh yay…}, and headed to my new job.

And let me tell ya, it went a lot better than I thought. Eight hours flew by. Pumping wasn’t as dreadful as I expected. And Roman brought Chazz by on my lunch break, so I got to see him and snuggle for a few.

And rumor has it, Chazz was a bucket full of sunshine for his Daddy today. Other than refusing a bottle at first and having to run home for more diapers, Roman said the day went smoothly. Music to a mama’s ears!

I’m so glad that they had a good day together. I didn’t want Chazz to feel suddenly abandoned, or Roman to feel overwhelmed. And neither of those things happened.

I just hope I don’t miss any cool milestones or cute faces…

As hard as it was to be away, the perma-smile on Chazz’s face when I got off made it all ok. Well, mostly.

And now it’s time for us to cuddle up in bed and enjoy some snuggles.

Because this Mama works in the morning!

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What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

After putting in a few resumes last week, I interviewed at a boutique today and I got the job!
And I start tomorrow.
{yeah, life moves fast around here doesn’t it?}


First of all, I went out on a limb when I applied, and I wasn’t really expecting to get it.
Second, how is my velcro baby going to survive without me??

So much to plan. And do. And fret about.

I know Chazz will be in good hands. (he doesn’t have to go to a daycare, thank goodness) But I worry that’ve is going to miss me. Or wonder where I am. Or cry. Or get hurt. Or… ::inhale:: I could go on forever about worries and what-ifs.

And what am I to do about nursing?? I’ll be bringing along my hand pump, that’s for sure. I hope my supply doesn’t tank. Oh wouldn’t that just be peachy. Work my butt off just to spend it all on formula.

Would. Not. Be. Good.

But I know when we all adjust, it will be fun, and the extra moola $$ will be worth it.
I hope.

Wish me luck tomorrow? This will be my first day as a workin’ mama, and I’m more than a little nervous.

Somebody hold me.

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You Can Call, But…

We just haven’t been around! The weather around here finally decided to stay nice (besides a freak hail storm last week.) Our summer is really picking up.

The nice weather couldn’t have come at a better time. Chazz is becoming more and more mobile, and gets pretty antsy. What better than some fresh air and sunshine?!

We go on stroller walks around town or the bike path… Picnics at the park… Sit by the river…

Window shop… We Hit the Farmer’s Market, Art in the Park, and the weekly street-fest…

We helped with our chuch’s Vacation Bible School… Chazz loved the hot rod run. {can I have this one please?}

Somedays, we just sit out with a book and some toys on a blanket in the grass.

Anything but be cooped up in the house. : ) And Summer wouldn’t be complete with out a little dirtbiking with Dad!

And we have so many more adventures this summer. The kiddie pool is a must…story time at the library and Music in the Park is still on the list…oh, cherry picking and the local fruit and veggie market too…and go feed the ducks at the park… maybe {MAYBE} a Mommy and Me group. ::bites nails::

Chazz’s First Summer is going to be epic ❤ And pictures, pictures, pictures. Oh my!

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