10 Months {And Counting!}

**Ok. Where is my camera? I’ll be sure to update with pics later! Or a whole post of pics, I’ve been slacking :-)**

Well Chazz,

You are getting closer and closer to One. How did that happen? These monthly updates keep getting closer and closer together!

You’re personality is coming out (and arn’t we just fiesty!) You are determined, a little hard-headed, and a big cuddle-bug, full of smiles. Mostly!

I love how you crack me up. You always get us laughing with your funny noises and faces. Or your wild antics in the playpen. Or your crazy morning-hair. We think you’re going to be a jokester!

You still love your music most. You and Roman have a morning routine of listening to a few of your favorite rock songs, and you actually headbang 😀 Proud-Mom-Moment!

Along with music, you still love your books. I read to you everyday, and of course, let you chew on all of your favorite pages. You also love LOVE love the water. In fact, bathtime has become a battle of wits and will. You splash. A lot. You try to climb out of your tub. A lot.

Right now, the hardest part is sleep. You are getting plenty of it. Mom and Dad, however, are not! Getting you back to sleep in the middle of the night is a challenge. Sometimes you’re super grumpy to have woken up (I’m talking crocodile tears and the best pouty lip ever seen.) While other times, you seem to want to play until morning. But eventually you pass back out either way. (And I just drink more coffee.) But, hey, the lack of sleep comes with the territory, right?!

Chazz, the months just get better and better. I love all of these special times we have, and even just the regular days too. I cherish those days when you visit me for a quick snack at work, and you come in all quiet and aware after your nap. Or when I get home and all I can smell is your sweet smell and all you want to do is cuddle wit’cha Mama.

Thanks for being such a champ!
Love you always, Mom

~~10 Month Stats~~
Diaper size: 3
Clothing size: Mostly 9M and 12M. (Time for some shopping!)
Sleeping: Early to bed, and early to rise!
Eating: Besides BM, he has tried rice and oatmeal, sweet potatoes, squash, applesauce, bananas, avocado, prunes, peas, mango, carrots, pumpkin, green beans, blueberry, pear, watermelon, melon, chicken, Pedialite, watered down prune juice, teething crackers, cinnamon, turkey, chicken.
Fave toy: Laundry baskets
Fave thing to do: Crawl, pull up on the entertainment center, tug on any cord he can find 🙂
Latest milestones: Cruising.
Babbling: Dada, DaDD!, Mama, Ggg. a whole bunch of other high pitched babble.
Tooth Count: 8. EIGHT! No new sightings…
I look forward to: The first real word. Will it be “Dog” ???

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