Heart? Break.

Poor Chazz.
Last week him and I caught a cold, (thanks walmart.) and just when I thought he was done with it, he wakes up with a gooey eye. Like the biggest eye-booger we’ve seen yet. Knowing that he already has eye problems, I of course, worry about it all the way to work. Is it pink eye? Is his nose THAT stuffy? Is it the ONH?

So fast forward 3 hours later, Roman calls me at work to tell me Chazz’s eye is red, puffy, and even more gooey when he woke up from his nap.
Great. (insert feelings of helplessness and guilt here.) Roman called Chazz’s pediatrician and was told to bring him in right away.

His first appointment of any kind without me there, EVER, I might add. (a dash more guilt here please)

And, just as we thought, pink eye. AND a double ear infection. Oof.

After I waited at the pharmacy for OVER AN HOUR (ya thanks again walmart, “it’ll be ready in ten to 15 minutes” my butt!) and 3 different meds later, he’s all good to go. For tonight anyway.

He passed out right after his bath. I had to give him antibiotics, some numbing drops for his ears, and then pry open his little eye to put the ointment in. Worst. Job. Ever.

Suprisingly, he wasn’t even acting that sick. Does that mean the worst is yet to come? Or is my kid just that tough??

I hope it doesn’t last very long. It looks so painful. And I would feel so bad if he “missed” his first Halloween 😦

I’ll spare you any pictures. It’s a mess. It does kind of look like he got into a fight or something. (you should see the other kid, haha just kidding.) But I will leave you with one the cutest (cell phone) pics ever. Or at least this week!
Back when all he had was a stuffy nose…

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11 Months Old!

Tick tock, huh?! We’re almost through this much-cherished First Year. Just 30 short days from now, we will have a one year old on our hands.

And I don’t wanna talk about it.

If this is any indication of how fast time flies after having children, then we better not blink or he’ll be 20!

Can’t we just cuddle your little newborn-ness one more time? Or be engulfed with your baby smell like when you were little-little? (that smell is quickly fading.) I look back on old photos (I’m looking back?? on OLD photos? already??) and seeing your teeny peanut body, and wondering when you got so big. Or how “long” your hair was then.

I look back on old blog posts about first colds and milestones I never thought would come, and wonder where the time has gone. Now you are working on a lot of “seconds” and pushing through milestones like a crazy man. Stop it!! You’re making me nervous.

With One quickly approaching, I keep thinking about the year ahead. You’ll be on your way to Two. Doing big boy things. Do I have to stop calling you my baby? Because I’m almost certain you will always be that 7 pound squirmy tank of a baby to me.

And I might still sneek in to peek at you sleeping, you little angel. I find myself tip-toeing in just as much as ever. To watch your little chest rise and fall with each breath. To admire your cute button nose in the moonlight. To giggle about how you are laying, stretched out over an entire queen bed. (how do you do that, seriously.) I sneek back out bursting with joyful pride, and feeling a little empty at the same time. Proud that you don’t need me right there anymore to sleep. But empty that you don’t NEED me right there.

What a strange, conflicted feeling…

Just stay little forever?

~~10 Month Stats~~
Diaper size: 3
Clothing size: Mostly 12M.
Sleeping: Since weaning, worse then better.
Eating: Well, we are partially weaned from the boob juice to formula and lots of foods. He loves plain old cereal and tried his first soup.
Fave toy: Any not-toys he can find!
Fave thing to do: Push a diaper box across the living room to help him walk. O.o
Latest milestones: Holding his own bottle.
Babbling: Dada, DaDD!, Mama, Ggg. We think “Sch.Hazzz” and “DahhK” mean “Chazz” and “Dog” We think…
Tooth Count: 8. More than any baby I know! No new sightings…
I look forward to: The Big One. Early attempts at walking. Words!

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Dragon Knits & Jewelry {Giveaway!}

Nothing is better than browsing through Etsy on a lazy Sunday, especially in shops like Dragon Knits and Jewelry.

There is a good variety of fabulous stuff in her shop! My personal favorite, one of the Simply Gorgeous necklaces, is up for grabs in this giveaway!

First of all, I have fallen in love with pearls. Ever since a girlfriend gave me a three strand pearl necklace as a bridesmaid gift, I’ve had a hard time not wearing them. But it’s time to switch it up a little, and this necklace does just that.

The ribbon makes it very adjustable. I can tie it long or short to go with different necklines. I like that I was able to wear it with a little black dress for an evening out and also with a casual top to a BBQ. I also love the floral detail on the ribbon. It’s all in the details for me.

I’m already eyeing the bracelets in the same style. The red one is so elegant. It would really make a great accessory for the holidays.

Isn’t that, well, gorgeous?!

***To enter this giveaway for a Simply Gorgeous necklace of your choice from Dragon Knits:
Visit Dragon Knits and Jewelry and share a good find! Leave your email address along with your comment so I can contact you if you win***

You can browse the Simply Gorgeous necklaces, bracelets, peek at the beautiful knits, or the adorable sweater that is now on Chazz’s must-have list. There is a ton of great stuff in this Etsy shop to drool over.

Want an EXTRA entry??
Follow Dragon Knits on Twitter. She really is a hoot. ❤

Remember to leave your email address in your comments to win some pretty pearls!

The giveaway ends on October 31st, and I will randomly select a winner and email you if you have won.

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Invitations. Decorations. Food. Oh my!

This is my mantra.

And will continue to be my mantra until it’s all over.

The hardcore First Birthday planning is in full swing. ::squee!!:: But the mile-long shopping list is a little scary. I just keep repeating:
“Invitations. Decorations. Food. That’s it.”


Oh, but it is so much more than that. I’m sure Chazz doesn’t really care if the theme is strictly monkeys or the whole jungle. He’d not too concerned about the “chocolate fondue fountain vs. candy buffet vs. both” debate. (He just wants to make sure there are plenty of bananas!)
But Roman and I are running around like crazies putting together invites, turning our house into a jungle, and googling reviews on chocolate fountains.

Yes, we’ve lost it! But crazy=fun and that’s how we roll!

Here are some of the photos from the inspiration board so far.

Theme: Monkeys

Colors: Brown, Tan, and Green

The Invites:

That is obviously not my cutie pie, but I am 99% sure these are the ones. They’re the perfect color green, and cute yet simple enough for a first birthday. Amy Adele is the designer, and I just love her work. I’m ordering matching stickers as well for the favor bags.

The Goods:

I found these adorable plates and napkins. We will probably work the rest of the tablewear around them. Rather than buy the whole birthday kit (which I found a bit overpriced.) I’ll stick to the budget and buy plain green and brown napkins and plasticware at the Dollar Store.

The Food:
It’s a mid-afternoon party so I’m going light with a combination between a candy buffet and chocolate fountain fondue. (Because really, who doesn’t want to dip EVEYTHING in chocolate??) I’m thinking fruits like banana slices and strawberries, along with angelfood cake pieces, cheesecake balls, and shortbread cookies. Oh, and dessert pizza. Yum! I found these pics for ideas while google-ing:


The Favors:
Clear cello bags with stickers from Amy Adele to match the invites. Each guest can fill them up at the candy buffet to take home.

The Not-So-Sure’s:
Cake- Cake, cupcakes? Not sure. I’m thinkin’ some monkey cupcakes and a special “smash cake” for Chazz. ???

The deco- as for decorations, I’m turning our house into a jungle. I’ve been slaving away turning paper bags into vines, making mini palm trees, not-so-mini palm trees, cutting out leaves. My oh my, this is a post all it’s own.

What do you think so far? Am I in over my head?
I just can’t wait to see our Little Monkey on his very first birthday. And I can’t wait to celebrate one whole year of being a family.

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Stand Down 2010

11 years ago, my Grandpa held his first Stand Down to help out the local homeless and low-income veterans in his state. Vets can recieve clothing, sleeping bags, food boxes to help them get through the winter. They have helped 1750- 2500 Veterans and their families every year since. And they even opened a food pantry in their town to for the vets there. The “Stand Down” is a fun community service event, something the whole family gets together to put on every year.

So in our family….
It’s kinda a big deal. 🙂

Here are some fun photos.
(that my aunt so graciously let me steal off of her facebook because somebody forgot the camera.)

That is my Grandma and Grandpa, with most of us grandkids. (And of course, the 2 great grandkids- that’s Chazz- can ya find him??)

I love this one of him in his stroller. We were checking out a nearby playground.

What a goofy boy he has become! He just has to tounge everything.

Roman was “nomming” on Chazz’s toes after he pulled off and lost yet ANOTHER sock. Little Man is always taking his socks off! We’ve try everything to keep them on his little toesies, but the bugger always gets them off.

Overall, it was a fun (exhausting) weekend. Chazz got to meet some family he hadn’t yet. And of course, every one wanted to hold him, so my arm got a nice break, haha.

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