Heart? Break.

Poor Chazz.
Last week him and I caught a cold, (thanks walmart.) and just when I thought he was done with it, he wakes up with a gooey eye. Like the biggest eye-booger we’ve seen yet. Knowing that he already has eye problems, I of course, worry about it all the way to work. Is it pink eye? Is his nose THAT stuffy? Is it the ONH?

So fast forward 3 hours later, Roman calls me at work to tell me Chazz’s eye is red, puffy, and even more gooey when he woke up from his nap.
Great. (insert feelings of helplessness and guilt here.) Roman called Chazz’s pediatrician and was told to bring him in right away.

His first appointment of any kind without me there, EVER, I might add. (a dash more guilt here please)

And, just as we thought, pink eye. AND a double ear infection. Oof.

After I waited at the pharmacy for OVER AN HOUR (ya thanks again walmart, “it’ll be ready in ten to 15 minutes” my butt!) and 3 different meds later, he’s all good to go. For tonight anyway.

He passed out right after his bath. I had to give him antibiotics, some numbing drops for his ears, and then pry open his little eye to put the ointment in. Worst. Job. Ever.

Suprisingly, he wasn’t even acting that sick. Does that mean the worst is yet to come? Or is my kid just that tough??

I hope it doesn’t last very long. It looks so painful. And I would feel so bad if he “missed” his first Halloween 😦

I’ll spare you any pictures. It’s a mess. It does kind of look like he got into a fight or something. (you should see the other kid, haha just kidding.) But I will leave you with one the cutest (cell phone) pics ever. Or at least this week!
Back when all he had was a stuffy nose…

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