I have managed to get a good chunk of Chazz’s life on camera. Infact, I have 1,121 pictures of JUST CHAZZ on my iTouch right now. From birth to present. Wow. For instance, this little gem right here of El Bebe on the forklift.

At 373 days old, that’s a lot of pictures! Three or so a day of pure awsome Chazzness.

So it kind of pains me to know that when my not-so-baby boy STOOD yesterday, I didn’t even have a camera. Tragic.

But it was still the COOLEST THING EVER! He STOOD! Pretty much effortlessly.

Chazz stood up for a good 20 seconds at least. For his mama, it was a freaking lifetime. He was balancing. Perfectly. I was holding my breath at first, hoping he wasn’t going to sit like usual.
He didn’t. I watched his little body centering itself over his ankles, afraid to exhale for fear of blowing him over.

All I had time to do was stare in awe and wish I had the camera.

And think “Wow. My kid rocks!”
My kid totally rocks.

If I *had* gotten a picture, this it what it may have looked like.***

Me? I’m the crazed woman on the right running around NOT getting a picture. And Chazz. Is much cuter in RL.

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Happy First Birthday, Chazz!

Whew! Exhausted. But a few quick notes before bed…

Our Little Monkey is finally ONE!

Chazz’s first birthday was amazing. The Birthday Boy “monkey’d around” (haha…) all morning eating cheerios and bananas while we finished putting together the jungle vines.

We were starting to get a little worried, as he was getting really fussy and refused to nap. Disaster in the making! So Roman and Chazz went on a quick drive to get him to pass out. Works like a charm.

When they got back he slept for 2.5 hours, and right through the first half hour of his own partay! Talk about fashionably late.

But since I didn’t think he’d mind, we dug into the sweets buffet anyway! 🙂 Which turned out wonderfully, by the way. And it was a lot of fun to put together. The chocolate fondue was omigosh amazing, with fresh fruits and various cookies and treats to dip. Oh, and about six pounds of Sixlets. Fun fun.

Here is a peek at the jungle vines (how-to post still to come!). I made them from twisted paper bags with felt leaves and fake flowers. And a lot of monkeys!

When Chazz finally awoke, we served up the monkey cupcakes.

And served The Monkey his own personal (egg-free, frosting-free) banana cake. Mmmm!

With a cheerio on top, per Head Chef Chazz.


…Done for!

Then it was off to open gifts with a little help from dad. Chazz got a lot of fun books and toys, clothes, and even a chair just his size.

What a lucky little man on his first birthday. We were surrounded by family and friends to celebrate one year of crazyfun.

I can’t believe how fast this year has gone, how much Chazz has grown, and how far we’ve come as a family. Happy Birthday Chazz-man! I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect “you”!

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It Was Just The Begining

One year ago today, I was 2 days over due. We were not-so-patiently awaiting Chazz’s arrival and he wasn’t really budging. I had been to the hospital once already due to some pretty hefty Braxton-Hicks contractions. But even at under 5 minutes apart, they were to no avail.

One year ago today, we had spent the last THREE DAYS walking.

Up and down stairs….through the mall…aimlessly wondering grocery stores. (Ok, maybe not aimlessly. that strange craving for lemonaid by the gallon had to be quenched.) We walked blocks and blocks around our neighborhood…more stairs…more malls…walking. And those damn BH contractions would get to three minutes apart. And NOTHING. Nada. Nil.

But alas, one year ago today, was also the “just in case, but dont fret, you won’t really need it, dear.” appointment my midwife’s office was soo nice to schedule me in for. Because apparently, I would need it.

I remember telling Roman I was going to beg for an induction, and wasn’t below throwing a fit and refusing to leave if they didn’t listen. Lol. I apparently wouldn’t need that, because my blood pressure was too high or too low or something, and The Doc gave the go-ahead for it anyway. Yesssss, sweet victory.

And to know that we would finally meet our son soon. We were so giddy (yes, giddy) in the elevator. I had those flutterbies in my stomach. And I’m sure Roman did too.

Haha, little did we know. We still wouldn’t meet him for THREE MORE DAYS! …..that little stinker.

One year ago today was just the begining.

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One Week From Today

Is Chazz’s very First Birthday! One week. Boy, has our house been busy. My days off from work arn’t really days “off” at all! We’ve been planning, cleaning, shopping, painting, coloring, crafting, licking stamps… Well, you get the idea.

And since I have yet to figure out how to slow down/stop time, the party is on and he is *still* turning One as scheduled.

Thank goodness we have friends and fam coming over the day before to help. I’d go bonkers without it.

Chazz is just enjoying running all these errands and flirting with cashiers. And a bite or two of ice cream at Coldstone. (Hey, he’s just getting warmed up for the big day!)

And he is really loving all of the strange boxes that keep showing up at the house. They make great playtoys.

And us? Well, we’re just glad the to-do list is getting shorter and shorter.

November 14th, 2010 is coming a little sooner than we had anticipated… sigh.

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