Mum’s Num Nums: Cheerio Tricks

This is a little thing I call “Cheerio Tricks.”

They can be used for picky eaters or even to sneak in some extra nutrition. (darn us moms, always worried about nutrition.)

Chazz (along with most toddlers) has his picky moments. Where he won’t eat yogurt/peas/whatever. Sometimes even after eating it for DAYS just fine. At first I had no idea what to do. But this mama got smart.

There is one thing most kiddos won’t turn down, and that’s Cheerios. They’re easy for beginning eaters to grasp, and perfect for independent self-feeders. They are also perfect for hiding food in/on. Hehehe. “-)

And now, I have a couple Cheerio tricks up my sleeve to share.

The See And Swap:

This one is a given and I’m sure you’ve tried it in some form. “Oh look Chazz, Cheerios, your favorite!” Feed him the Cheerio, followed by whatever you are REALLY trying to get them to eat. Warning: Babies are smart! This only works once or twice before you’ll be found out. So I use it only in a pinch, or to get him to finish the last bite of veggies.

The Cheerio Dunk:

I don’t know what it is about dips and dunking that appeals so much to toddlers, but it works. I spoon a little yogurt on his high chair along with a handful of Cheerios (or diced fruit) and let him dunk away! He gets satisfaction out of being independent and I get to see his cute face covered in yogurt and crumbs. I’d say that’s a win-win!

The Cheerio Sandwhich:

I just came up with this yesterday morning, and I’m pretty proud of myself! Take a Cheerio, dab on some yogurt, top with another Cheerio. I’m pretty sure Chazz didn’t even notice.

Cheerio Boats

For his lunch today, I threaded shredded cheese through the hole of a few Cheerios, and put veggie purée on the others. TaDa! Everyone is happy and fed!

Also try-
-Veggie dip
-Fruit purée or yogurt
-Melted cheese
-Chunks of turkey or chicken pushed in the Cheerio center
-Graded carrots or cucumber in the Cheerio center

Have any tips or tricks to add? Any tear-free solutions for picky eaters? Please do share!

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