Welcome To The Jungle: Birthday Decorations

After all of the blood, sweat, tears, and planning that went into Chazz’s First Birthday party, it’s time for a birthday tour. All the inside scoop on his monkey birthday party and jungle theme.

(Where we dipped everything in chocolate. Muahhahaha!)

This post will cover the details and the decorations for Chazz’s monkey birthday party. There will be a second post to cover the yummy food and the candy buffet.

The Decorations:
I was deadset on turning our kitchen into a jungle, so we saved all of our paper grocery bags for months to twist into fake jungle vines. I tore down each side of the paper bag, and crinkled them up to get a good texture.

I twisted them to look vine-y and used the twine handles to wrap around the vines.

I attatched felt leaves and a few flowers with good ol’ Glue Dots. Pin a few thousand to the ceiling, and Voilá! Insta- Jungle.

I cut the leaves out of felt. To give them more shape I tugged on the edges with a little twist to make them life-like.

I was more than lucky to find a ton of monkey and jungle type stuff locally. Wood monkey and palm tree cutouts and bamboo mats all added to the theme. And course, nothing is complete without adding a little coordinating ribbon. JoAnn’s had the cutest monkey ribbon.

I also made a mini palm tree out of a tp tube and brown and green felt. And lots and lots of glue. It was perfect for holding the toothpicks. I slipped the tree/tube over a salt shaker to raise up the toothpicks.

The Favor Bags:
I foung clear bags in packs of 12 at the dollar store! A freakin’ steal if you ask me. Just a simple something-something to take home candy in.

It’s important to carry your theme throughout the entire party to tie it all together. Everything was monkeys. From the invites and coordinated ribbon, to the cupcakes, right down to the stuffed monkeys hanging out through the house.

See the candy buffet? Yummm! I had so much fun planning and decorating for our own little monkey. I would say “I can’t wait” for his next birthday, but I SO can, haha.

You can look for the second part of Chazz’s birthday tour this week. Come back and drool over monkey cupcakes, candy buffet ideas, and chocolate fondue!

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