Welcome To The Jungle: The Sweets Buffet

This is the second post in a two part series behind the scenes of Chazz’s first birthday. After all of the blood, sweat and tears that went into this party, I have to share a few things with ya!

The first post covered the decorations for Chazz’s monkey themed first birthday party. This post will cover the yummy food and the sweets buffet!

The Theme: Monkeys
The Colors: Brown & Jungle Green, Blue accent.

I really wanted to do a candy buffet for this birthday. It seemed light and fun for a child’s first birthday. And that eventually grew into a sweets buffet, as who can say no to chocolate fondue?? Not I!

I set up a table with a green tablecloth and brown tulle. I used shoe boxes underneath to raise up some platters and add depth.

Cutlery and Such:
The glass vases and plastic platters I was lucky enough to score at the dollar store, along with the plastic scoops and spoons. The plates and napkins I ordered HERE. I adore them. (They were actually the starting inspiration for the whole shabang.)

It’s all in the details.
I added coordinating ribbon to the vases and various scoops. And look! There are some decorations I told you about in Part One.

As for the candy?
I got it locally at the candy shop. They gave me a bulk discount, yay! $6 a pound for 6 pounds of Sixlets. (I figured about a 1/4 pound per guest.) They didn’t have brown, so I had to work in some yellow. I’m trying not to be upset about it.

The Buffet In All Its Glory
Pictures are worth a thousand words.

The Sweets
A variety of fruits, cookies, and treats were harmed in the making of this partay.

The pot? Wilton, $20 bucks. The Chocolate. That’s Wilton too. $WayTooExpensive. But oh so good. And of course, more cookies and such.

I used good ol’ yellow boxed cake (shhh!) and added a 11/2 cup of mashed banana. Chocolate frosting, nilla wafers, red gel frosting, and M&M’s make the Monkey face.

Chazz’s Smash Cake
With pureed bananas. And he even added a cheerio on top.

Aaand gone…

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