A Bloggity Break

Taking time out of our everyday lives to love and cherish the special moments with our family is important.

And now that the holidays are upon us, it seems right to “unplug” for a bit. It doesn’t always happen as much as it should. “-)


I am taking a little blog break this holiday season. (Its not you, it’s me, promise!) Starting now, through the New Year.

It’s time to get life “orgamanized” for 2011 (already?!?) A fresh take after a long, long year. And some time to re-evaluate what’s what in the Forever & After Fam and my blog.

And of course, cuddle with the two most charming guys ever in our Christmas pj’s.

I’ll most likely upload a few pics from Christmas Eve and Christmas to drool over. I may even have someone “guest blog” for me. Who knows!

But don’t worry. Just because I’m not posting this week doesn’t mean you can’t buzz around past FAB posts!

A few of my faves:

Check out how I am adjusting to life as a working mom (or not adjusting!).

Or even learn more about Chazz’s ONH and our struggle with his visual impairment.

Perhaps you have some suggestions for our recent toddlerhood woes?

Or peek at all of our hard work last month for Chazz’s Monkey Birthday Party. I’m pretty proud of how it turned out.

Also, Mum’s NumNums is the place to go for all of my homemade baby food and toddler-friendly recipes.

Enjoy the holidays. Snuggle your munchkins tight!

Until January, my friends.


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