Hey! Pssst.

{I’m not supposed to be here!}

But if you are visiting from Chill Mama Chill,

I’m sorta on a blogging vacay until the New Year. (So behave. Don’t trash the place or throw any parties while I’m gone. Kids.)

Do take a second to click around. I have a few favorite posts if you need a place to start. ❤

Oh, and if you aren’t from Brandee’s blog, and you’re just puzzled, wondering where the usual hubbub is, FYI I’m guest blogging over at a friend’s blog, Chill Mama Chill.

Brandee is one of those nitty-gritty-truth writers, and I love her honest (and hilarious) take on motherhood. Plus, our kiddos are around the same age so we have similar horror stories. I get to laugh and cry along “-)

I posted about surviving motherhood, 36 hours of crazy {everyday}, oh, and then I dis on Super Mom. So go check it out and get some Chill Mama Chill-ness while you’re there!

Until January.

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