Super Mom, You Suck.

Last month, I did my first guest blog post ever over at one of my favesie blogs, Chill Mama Chill.

I thought I would share the post with you all here, because I just love it so much. Enjoy!

Chill Mama Chill was one of the first blogs I added to my Google Reader. I get to read about true motherhood. There are no sugar coatings, it’s not all puppies and rainbows. Plus, our kiddos are around the same age, I constantly find myself nodding and smiling when reading her posts. What an honor to guest blog over there!

When Brandee asked me to blog about my mommy super power, I was excited. But then I froze.
“Wait, super power, do I even have one? I’m no Super Mom”
I worried I would have to tweet her back, cancel my slot. “-) Until The Husband pointed out one simple fact.

“Well you’re alive, arn’t ya? That takes super power.”

And that was such a good point. A major part of the first year of motherhood was merely surviving. Hanging on for one hell of a ride.

Because there is no such thing as that Perfect Super Mom. The one I thought I could be, pre baby? She doesn’t exist.

And while we may try so hard, we are still nowhere near that Perfect Super Mom. But it’s ok!

We still end up the super heroes in our children’s lives. No, we can’t do it all. But we are able to (mostly) juggle the daily demands of life, the responsabilities of children, and neverending work, overdue bills, and the “don’t-leave-your-dirty-socks-there-or-I’m-gunna” days. And that takes something.

Cramming 36 hours of crazy into 24 *is* super power.

We don our mommy capes. Sometimes over pj pants splattered in squash purée and our second-day hair. Sometimes with a cute pencil skirt, sporting our cape from a work desk. (Wishing we were in those pj’s) But we wear our mommy capes, do our best, and hang on. Boom. That’s super power, my mamas.

I’m always reminding myself to concentrate on the good, or what I did get done. I guess that’s my mommy super power. I certainly can’t get it all done all the time. There just isn’t time. But if I pick one or two things everyday to accomplish, whether for my own sanity or for an actual “deadline,” I feel like I’ve at least put a dent in domestic bliss.

I’ve learned that it’s ok to be merely surviving right now. I may not be able to do it ALL, but we all have a super power or two up our sleeve.

Do you think there is a perfect super mom? What is your mommy super power?

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Chanel
    Jan 07, 2011 @ 09:27:33

    There is no such thing as a perfect supermom…if there is I want to meet her so I can kick her tail. I think that my super power right now is preventing my daughter from having her SUPER tantrum in public. That is a feat in itself….


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