Chazz’s Theatrical Debut

This past Wednesday, Chazz, Roman, and I were a part of our church’s Christmas play. (for those of you wondering why we would have a Christmas play in January, the church season doesn’t end on Christmas.)

A big part actually, Chazz had the honor of being baby Jesus, and Roman and I were Joseph and Mary.

I was so worried how Chazz would do, because One Year Olds and sitting still? Can be a challenge! But he was our little champ through it all. He even put up with being swaddled for the part.

And our favorite part?

At one point, all of the Angels came out to sing and Chazz decided that he was going to sing right along with them!

Our kiddo, who sometimes talks but prefers to sign, was SINGING.

Not only was it freakin adorable, but it was a moving moment.

Is this a taste of what is to come? Is Chazz destined for rockstar-dom?

We think so.

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