The Chazz Lately: Edition I

Remember how I said I wanted to create a newspaper-like post for Chazz Man? It’s a part of the new FAB Goals I have for 2011. And taking the time to cherish the little things Chazz does!

Except I have yet to find a single website that will let me make a fake paper that looks like the paper. Sigh.

Anyways… So here it is, plain and simple this week: The Chazz Lately!

•Chazz made his theatrical debut last week in a church play. He played the baby Jesus and did such a great job! He even decided to have an impromptu sing-along with the Angels that just melted our hearts.

•On Friday night, he slept all the way through the night. No mid-night bottle or wake. That has NEVER happened before. And I mean never as in never-ever-ever-ever-ever. Even when we tried sleep training like 8 months ago. So it was quite refreshing!

•Going along with that last one, he has been sleeping in his own bed for about 2 weeks now. It’s nice to have the extra mattress space, but we miss his snuggles.

Even Roman said it, it just feels lonely! Since we were done weaning about two months ago, we decided to head to the next step for us, and boot him outta the bed. Chazz’s bed is still right next ours, so we aren’t too lonely. I am proud at how smooth the transitions was. Three nights of tears was hard, but he has less tantrums, longer naps, and better overall sleep. Oh, and his feet aren’t in my ribs anymore!

•We swear he can talk, but just refuses to when we’re around. Aside from mama, dada, yeah and the usual Chazz-ese, he doesn’t say words. But I just know I heard “Love You” after I’ve left the room at naptime. And Roman thought he heard “Tunes” once or twice. Only when we’re out of sight or he is alone, rambling to “stall” naptime. Tricky Tricky!

Well, that is this week’s edition of The Chazz Lately. Stay tuned next week, you never know what surprises toddlerhood could have up it’s dirty, snotty sleeve.

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