Motherhood Is: A Good Sense of Humor

Quick post before work. Or before I pass out from pure exhaustion.

One of the two!

Roman started at his new job yesterday. What a blessing! He works the night shift, which is officially lamesauce, but hey. I shouldn’t complain!

We have had a pretty rough year with layoffs and all, so we are both happy little clams (:) to feel like we might actually get ahead in this lifetime.

As I am typing this, Chazz I sitting IN his toy bucket being an absolute doll-face. Besides whomping my face with a yellow ball, saying something that I think means “eyes.”

Yes Chazz, those were are my eyes! Smart boy.

Oh, and the camera?

That’s in the diaper bag. In the car. With ALL of the diapers.

The car Roman drove to work last night.

Ya. Major fail. I didn’t even notice there were only two diapers in the house until well after Roman left.

And of course, The Big Poopsplosion of 2011 occured last night. Because really, when else would it have happened? 🙂

So there I was at 4:30 am with a wide awake baby and no diapers.
A race against time with a nakey baby!

So we (well, Chazz) hung out in the buff for a bit. Until breakfast.

Breakfast always = the morning poop.

So I had to get crafty and use a swim diaper from last summer and and old t-shirt.

Crafty, huh?!

Yes, motherhood is keeping a good sense of humor when these sort of things happen!

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