5 Steps And Counting

Ok, maybe it’s not officially official, but the kid took five FIVE big kid steps for me on Saturday. And then he turned around and did the same thing for Roman and I on Sunday.

I can’t even believe it! But it went a little something like this:

Chazz clings to my leg while attempting to walk. But this time, he let go and took three steps towards our grandfather clock. He paused for a moment to decide if he should keep going or sit, I think. Mid-squat he decided to go for it and took two more steps and made it!

What a champ! He had that look of pure determination on his face. And he giggled the whole way. I think he like the feeling of being free. Being mobile.

And to do it twice? In one weekend? That must mean he’s really thinking about being a walking dude. A big kid!

Speaking of big kids, we are taking him to check out a daycare today at a church right by my work. I’m a little nervous, Roman is really nervous 🙂 but I think with all of our new work schedules (yay! No more being layed off!) a half day at daycare will be a good thing got everyone. Sleep for Roman, and a little social interaction for the Chazz-man.

I think it’s a little cute how worried Roman is about putting Chazz into a daycare. I mean he is really worried. Probably only even thinking about it because of the promise of sleep. And at the same time I totally know how he feels. But 4 hours a few days a week will be a great little tester phase for everyone.

I will keep you posted on our little walking adventurer!

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