The Chazz Lately: Edition III

So what has Mr. Chazz been up to this week?

Well besides the usual trouble-making like climbing the TV stand and keeping the dogs fed (very well!), Chazz has been learning in leaps and bounds!

It is crazy how his mind is like a sponge! Here is what has amazed me this week about Chazz:

•True Toddlerhood
Chazz has been toddling like a pro this week. He went from taking 5 steps at a time to 10, and now he gets from room to room by cruising from couch to clock to wall to, well you get it.

•Very True Toddlerhood
Chazz loves to throw tantrums these days by crumbling to the ground and bonking his head on the wood floors repetedly.
It can be quite frustrating because it looks like it could hurt and my first response is always to want to pick him up and cuddle.

But also makes me do this nervous-laugh. It’s SO DRAMATIC and I am sooo not. Toddlers are dramatics, y’all!

•Chazz has also taken up throwing when he is upset. He throws spoons, cups, candles…. ahhh yes. A thrower. He looks at you right after to make sure he has gotten the point across.

I’m teaching him a few more signs that might help him communicate more and ease some of that frustration.

•Skills, Mad Skills
This kid is getting so smart! He “walks” me around the house, just holding on to one of my hands for balance. He’s really starting to get this walking thing.

This past week, he went from taking 5 steps at a time to 10. And now he attempts to walk anytime he can.

But yesterday around naptime, he walked me right into the bedroom and over to his bed. Wow!

So I put Chazz down right then and there for his nap. And he was out like a light. (For a little bit anyways!)

Toddlerhood is a funny time. Challenging, but full of laughs. Chazz knows just how to make us laugh.

He has taken to hiding food (mostly Kix cereal) in his diaper. While a little icky, it’s also a little bit funny to pull him out of his highchair and see Kix trickling out of a half open diaper.

We like to joke that he’s saving it for later. Or stuffing his diaper 🙂

•Hit And Run!
Chazz made me laugh so hard I snorted last week.

He was pushing around the car that helps him walk around when Roman came around the corner, and Chazz “sped up” and steered straight to his Daddy, as if to run him over. Then he “drove off” maniacally laughing, as if it were the funniest thing ever.

Little Crazy Butt!

So Chazz Man has been quite the funny man this week (although a tad bit dramatic at times!), a super-learner, and is somewhat becoming a better communicator.

Oh my! What a good week in toddlerhood.

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