Bedtime Venting

Chazz has a doctors appointment in the morning. And I completely spaced it.

How sad is it that I had no idea “what appointment” they were reminding me of when they called. I had to sound dumb as a rock.

No note on my calander to remind me, no alert set on my phone.

I can’t keep track of all these dates! Appointment after appointment. They all run together.

Good thing they do courtesy calls….

I honestly don’t even know what the one could be for. It could be a well-child check up. (But at 14 months?) Or maybe it’s blood work or something else ONH related… I don’t remember.

I should have asked when the receptionist called to confirm. But then again I would have had to think of that before I hung up.

And who wants to admit that they have no idea what their kid’s appointment is for?
“Sooo… Which one I this?”

There are just too many things to keep track of these days.

Pediatrician. Office number? Next appointment? No idea.

Opthalmologist. What’s his name? Next appointment? Still no idea.

Pediatric Endocrinologist. I missed her call last week and STILL have yet to call her back.

The list grows faster than I can keep up. My plate is ALWAYS FULL.

I don’t even remember the eye doctor’s name half the time.

“oh hi…. Sir.”

I don’t have a list of questions or concerns ready. I have a ton in my head, like I would ever remember them. Not unless they are written down and in front of me.

And why did I make an appt for 10 AM?? That just isn’t even fair to myself. Ya we are up by then, but in no way ready to go anywhere…


I need some sort of system. To keep track of all this stuff.
Names. Dates. Questions. All of it.

Maybe a personal assistant? To write downs all of the questions I can’t ever remember.

And to make sure I won’t make an early morning doctor date ever AGAIN! 🙂

Today? I am just too tired and too sick for any last minute suprises. And won’t it be just my luck if Chazz wakes up with the flu….

Let’s hope not. All I know is there better not be any vaccines or needle-poking of my Little Man. And there better be hot coffee involved…


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Alexandria Campbell
    Feb 02, 2011 @ 09:47:38

    Want to hear something REALLY bad? My son is 2.5 and has yet to have 2 yro check up. Every time I schedule the appointment I forget & when they call to remind me we’re out of town or have something else scheduled. Plus they are like an hour & a half away. I feel so bad.


    • Forever&After
      Feb 02, 2011 @ 21:09:53

      Haha, see???! Life gets in the way. We mean to make and
      keep all these appointments. But somehow… something comes around
      and they get mixed up in the shuffle again. Thanks Alex, you can
      always relate, and help me feel like I’m not a *total* failure 🙂
      Cheers Mama.


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