Introducing: {Web Cam Wednesday}

For my birthday my parents gave me this sweeeeet laptop:


Sweet right?! I love how easy it is to blog on a laptop instead of mobile. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the webcam 🙂 And since I’ve been trying it out, I’ve learned that Chazz loves the web cam too! The kid just loves having his picture taken. The little ham!

So I decided to add a little fun meme of my own called Web Cam Wednesday. Every week (OK, I’m aiming for every week) I will post a web cam picture with Chazz. Who knows, maybe we will work up to a vlog, if I can get him to stay still long enough 🙂

Right after breakfast this morning, Chazz and I hung out in his playroom and took a few pics. while i hatew that Roman works nights, I do love that chazz and I have our early morning cuddle time. Snuggles in bed, bonding, playing with cars in his playroom. So here is my favorite form this morning. We’re just playing and hanging out in our PJ’s, waiting for “DaDa’s” arrival. {I’m still getting all of the settings right, and it was right out of bed kids, my hair is a mess! But enjoy the extreme cuteness that is Chazz.}



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