The Snot So Funny Business Of Boogies


Are gross.

Final answer.

And I knew long before I was a mother that I would not be that mother of the kid with snot running down his face 24/7.

For goodness sakes grab a Kleenex for the kid.

That is not going to be my kid.
I won’t let it happen!

The snotty nosed look just doesn’t suit him…

I’m sure it all stems from my booger phobia which started in 3rd grade. This icky kid Alex, that sat by me and his repulsive nose-picking habits have pretty much scarred me.

The whole epic grossness of the situation has created a mass fear and forever influenced my reaction to of all things booger related.

It’s snot funny.
(ok I had to throw that in there)

Even the word makes me cringe. Like clench-my-teeth cringe complete with a sour face. ::shudder::

My kid will NOT be an Alex.

Wiping gobs under fellow classmates’ desks, just waiting for an unsuspecting finger to brush it.


I’m so grossed out by it, I can’t even believe it’s going to have it own tag on MY blog.

But the reality of it all is that my sweet toddler, the one who would never have that problem, has turned into, well, that boy.

I don’t know how it started.
It all happened so fast…
One minute he was a normal boy,
and the next, he was just

But I’ve got to put a stop to it.

All of the boogers, gobby nose, and picking has GOT TO STOP!

Where does it all come from?
That’s a lot of snot from one tiny cute button nose.

And the kid won’t even let me near him with a tissue. It’s like he LIKES it!??

Dear Lord please tell me this is just a phase…
A short phase.
So I can cuddle my booger-free boy again.

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Alexandria Campbell
    Feb 28, 2011 @ 17:43:28

    You know why he’s that kid? Because if he’s anything like MY kid whenever you bring out a tissue or the nasal aspirator he acts like a deranged snot loving person. I swore I’d never be that person either & somehow I’ve become that one.


    • Forever&After
      Mar 02, 2011 @ 12:00:16

      He’s a lot like feisty little Phoenix then. OMG if we go anywhere near him with either, he thinks the world is ending. And for such a tiny guy, I don’t see how it takes the both of us to do the job. Oh boy but it does!


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