The Chazz Lately: Edition V

Chazz has been sick this week, so he hasn’t been up to much besides snuggling.

My Sick Lil Man

The poor kid has Croup, which basically means little sleep at night due to a lot of coughing followed by pure exaustion all day. He’s passed out on the couch next to me as I type. After his nap..

The only plus to it all is that I got to stay home with him on Tuesday. We had a nice lazy day at home, watching his favorite music videos and cuddling on the couch. We had a good time, even though he wasn’t feeling par.

The night time coughing fits have been hard on the poor guy, too. He’s up quite a bit, but I’ve found different things to ease his coughing and get him back to sleeping.

If I steam the bathroom, it helps him cough that stuff up easier. I just turn on the shower and let it steam up the room. I use a little Vick’s under his socks and a humidifyer in the room.

And of course I have to be the bad guy and use the nasal aspirator, but it really does help him breathe.

If it is a really bad coughing fit, we hang out in front of the freezer with the door open, and the cold air stops it almost instantly.

I just don’t know how a little guy can cough so much or so hard.
But he sure has been a trooper.

Even though he’s sick, Chazz has still been perfecting his walking skills. He walks more than he crawls, and toddles about from room to room.

Taking A Break

It’s amazing. And scary. And cool.
All at once.

Well except now it looks like Toy’s R Us in every room of our house.
It’s Total Toddler Mayhem!

Speaking of toddler mayhem… One of my favorite moments/pictures EVER this week:
Below is a picture I snapped of Chazz shutting me out of his room. Look ast the mischevious smile! He thinks it is fun to ‘run’ into his room and shut the door. Which is followed by hysterical giggles on both sides.

Until he realizes he is, in fact, shut in and cannot open the door himself.

Monster Boy

But the funny thing is, I open it and take him out or go in, and he does it all over again.
What a quirky little guy!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. bobbie
    Mar 06, 2011 @ 20:41:47

    I love that mischevious smile, he’s looking better. Im impressed with the vicks on the socks and the freezer taking the coagh away.

    CeCe you do such a great job with your blogs, I love reading them as I have told you. Chazz maybe small, but he is smart, sneeky, and that giggle and smile, melts your heart, Im so proud of you and Roman, it is not easy, you and Roman have it all under controll with Chazz.
    love you


  2. Alexandria Campbell
    Mar 07, 2011 @ 12:25:35

    Aww poor Chazz. Try Vicks Vapor rub for babies. And use it on his feet. Really helps.


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