Surely, This Isn’t My Kid

A Walk In The Park

He couldn’t be. Because my Chazz Man couldn’t be 16 Months Old…

He couldn’t be walking EVERYWHERE.

Or eating his breakfast all by himself.

Playing tricks and causing trouble.

Its too soon for all of this!

He should be cradled in my arms, not squirming to get down to play.

I should be trying to decode his newborn cries, how is it I’m hearing him say “I did it!” from the other room?

He should be in his stroller napping away at the park, not walking next to us.

Or running ahead of us.

He should cling to me as I leave for work, not happily let me leave as he pushes his cars around.

My little noise box of a baby, is no longer a baby. In any sense of the word… Chazz is a walking, talking little. . . kid.

I’m enjoying this age. But struggling with it too.

Chazz is growing into a whole seperate human being. With unique feelings, emotions, attitudes. :]

The personalitity is what I think is really getting me. Its like, “ok, who are you??” Like meeting a new friend.

Chazz is so determined, strong-willed, and clever. He’s a funny guy. He laughs if we laugh. And is always trying to get smiles. Or to get a laugh out of us. Because of this little attribute, we’ve started to call him nicknames like “ham” and “cheeseball.”

Dad's Dude

He also has begun to get so “wise” in his old age.

Chazz likes to push buttons on the XBOX, but especially loves our phones and remotes. He turns off the answering system (no, I’m not ignoring calls!) and thinks it is just the coolest thing.

He speaks in what I call “Chazzese,” where words are all said together, with the random “DAH” (perhaps dad?) for good measure.

For example, his new (first and only) phrase, “I Did it!” goes more like:

We have fun decoding what is what.

Chazz is a smarty. He points out his nose, mouth, sometimes his ears, and he loves to show us his belly button.

I love asking him to “show me your nose” and have him point to it [and I love that he then picks it even more!]

Along with walking, talking, and ‘tude, Chazz is also becoming a little more independant than he usually is. ::ahem velcro baby. cough cough::

Which kinda sucks.

I miss snuggling him all night, nursing him back to sleep if he woke. Feeling his little chest rise and fall while he snoozes away.

Its hard to look over in the middle of the night and see him in his crib, passed out, totally content with it.

Right now, in fact, he is playing alone in his room. I keep having to run over and open the door, because he obviously wants to be alone, he keeps shutting it!

But it is also okay.
I am no longer on a four foot leash.
I don’t always have a bathroom “buddy.”
I can cook a halfway decent meal.

It isn’t all bad.
Just different.

16 Months and counting then I guess.

{yes, I really did hope he would stay a baby forever.}


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