Welcome Spring!

We had to do something in celebration of Spring’s arrival.

The weather around here has apparently NOT got the memo.
It has been bitter cold and windy. This morning there was even the “S” word all over our yard. [you know, snow.]

Not cool, Mother Nature. Not cool.

We needed something to liven up the place. Literally.

Chazz and I went on an adventure to the gardening store and picked out some funky plants, bright planters, and some good ol’ dirt.

While there, we had one of those moments too. Those warm fuzzies moments.

Strolling through the dirt aisle (me, pondering why an entire aisle is dedicated to dirt), I asked Chazz if he thought it was quite silly that we had to buy dirt. And right on cue, he said it, “DIRT!” (really accentuating the “T” like he does.)

Ohmygosh I was so proud! He said a word {a clear, audible word!} other than “Mom” or “Dad” and totally un-provoked.

I’m sure I beamed for like, 3 aisles, all the while trying to coax him to say it again by saying “dirt” 150 times.

But nope. And he hasn’t said it since. Stinker!

Chazz even pick out a plant. He wouldn’t take his eyes off of it after we walked by it, and kept turning around in the cart to see it, making this high-pitched whine whenever we lost sight of it.

I personally was torn between it ($12!! For a plant!?) and another smaller, less spiky looking variety (not $12… for a freaking plant)

Until he kinda gave me a cute-but-a-little-threatening look like “don’t make me throw a tantrum up in this place, lady. That plant is MINE!”

The heart wants what the heart wants.

So the bright, spiky plant came home with us, and so did my pretty flowers.



After his afternoon nap, we got to re-planting, AKA playing in the dirt/trying to eat leaves.

Green Thumb In Training

Chazz loved walking out on our patio to help me.

I think it was the first time he has, since it is normally covered in either snow or ice melt. Neither are toddler-friendly! So he got a kick out of opening the front door and walking in and out like a big kid.

And trying to eat our newly potted plants. What a turkey!

Checking up on his plant.

Despite the weather lately, Chazz and I had a wonderful time welcoming Spring. Now hopefully the sun will come out and stay so Chazz can help me grow these new plants!


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