Easter Fun

Easter is just that much more amazing when you have a kid. And I’m sure it will only continue to get that much more so as Chazz grows up to enjoy all of the reasons to celebrate.

Roman and I helped Chazz run around to find eggs, and even hid a few of his own in the seat of the tricycle. He was a lot more into the whole thing this year, and I think he got the idea of egg = fun. Although I don’t think he appreciated the candy as much. Chazz tried a piece of jelly bean, but I think he much prefered them for the maraca-like sound they made in the plastic eggs than the sugary goodness inside.

He shook eggs around all afternoon, enjoying all the sunshine that finally decided to show up around here! And we enjoyed snapping some pictures of our big little monster having a blast.

What's in here??

See that long hair? Love it.

My Boys

Mama's Little Man

I hope you all had a nice Easter as well!


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