*cricket cricket*

That is the sound my blog makes.
Well, if a blog made sounds.

And while it has been dead quiet around here, it hasn’t been any thing of the sort in real life.

Mmhm. We all have been running around like little crazies. It has been all work, work, work for Roman and I, and play, grow, play for Mr. Chazz.

The stores I work at moved from one building to two seperate locations, which is always fun fun. The boutique moved right across the street, but it might as well have been across country. You would have probably laughed if you saw us jay walking running arm loads of clothing and rolling racks across the street, Main Street traffic and all.

Roman has been working hard at his job. I really hope he can switch to days sometime soon. It is feeling like we only see each other in passing. BLAH. But this only temporary, right. A means to an end. We just keep hoping something better comes along, or a different shift comes up. So cross your fingers for us!

We’ll be moving back into town at the end of May. What a relief that will be. The amount of time we spend driving is insane. The gas badget is even more so! Moving AGAIN will be both a blessing, and a big pain in the butt, lol.

Chazz Man’s 17 month ‘birthday’ came and went faster than you can say “WAIT!” And I know I say this every time, but I wish I could just hold on to these moments just a little bit longer.

The kid is almost a year and a half old.

With every month, you can find me google-ing milestones to make sure he is on track. He always is, but I always find myself worrying. But this month I was a little proud to see him exceeding most of them. Mama’s little overachiever :]

Walking. Oh yes, running.

Climbing. Mmhm. A little too much for my liking, in fact. Nothing is safe, no matter how high it is. He even scooted his time-out chair over to the TV stand to try and climb up it. Oh man, I’m in for it! Smarty Pants.

Testing out tools. Check. Chazz brushes his hair (with anything resembling a brush or handle.) He helps push the vacuume, and even grabs our spot vac out when I’m using the big one. He has been insisting on using silverware (which soon turn into food launching devices.) He just gets more and more independant every day.

One “milestone” warned that they may drop their morning nap. Oh dear Lord, please, no. Haha. Chazz dropped to one nap quite some time ago, so I really hope this doesn’t apply. The kid gets a little cranky without it.

That is so much to accomplish in just 17 short months! And Chazz has power housed through it all.

Oh. We have an eye check up for him in May as well. This is hopefully the big one. We’ll most likely get a better exam done, and they can tell us more of what he is seeing. So pray pray pray he cooperates!
Until next time!


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