Why Hello!

Life is going by faster than I can keep up, and our Little Man is growing even FASTER!

It is a little after 1 AM right now, but I knew I had to catch you all up on Mr. Chazz sometime.

Today was a big day! We finally turned his carseat forward facing. (And if you are wondering why the heck we waited so long, this article might help.)

Wow was it weird to turn around and see his handsome little face! Haha, it was kinda odd, but a big step for all of us.

Recently, we got Chazz a “potty” of his own. He has been so interested in the toilet lately, we figured we could let him at least investigate his own. And maybe stop investigating ours? 🙂 We shall see!

We are just about THREE months away from his second birthday, a long haul away from anything resembling potty trained. (errrm, and to think, this time last year, I had Chazz’s birthday planned to a “T”, I better get going!!)

Also? The kid has more teeth than any toddler I know. Like a billion… Or 8 on top, 4 completely in on the bottom, with 2 more peeking through, to be exact. WOWZA! And man has he been testing them out. Not just on my arms (and his favorite, my collarbones hahhh OUCH!), but on almost anything he can. Glass counters and cups, shelves, toys, innocent sippy cups (bye bye soft tip!). Chazz is so interesting in figuring out how to best use them 🙂

Alright, alright. Now for the fun part, pictures!