Mum’s NumNums- Snack Attack

Okay, really, let’s be honest. How often do you find yourself running around the house, frantically late for a playdate, trying to get out the door, get the kid’s socks on (or find one that matches…), and you still haven’t brushed your own hair??

Well, if your days are anything like mine, the answer is “Why, all the time!”.

Sometimes busy days don’t always go according to plan. Which is why this quick yet healthy snack is always my Plan B, and everything is portable if you have to take this snack on the road!

Peanut Butter & Banana Graham Sandwiches

PB and B

Now by the photo, I’m sure you have figured out how to throw this together. But in case there is any need for clarification, here is my “recipe”

1) Break Graham Crackers into quarters. I used honey, but I am sure the chocolate ones would be yummy too.
2) Spread Peanut Butter across the Grahams. Almond Honey Butter is also quite good.
3) Top with sliced banana. We have also used diced apples, sliced strawberries, or diced pears to switch it up.
4) For younger kiddos, like Chazz, I top it with another Graham to keep it all together. Well, mostly.

Now doesn’t that sound great?! Peanut butter is a good source of calories, just one Tablespoon has about 90 calories, it packs quite a protien punch, and is an excellent source of Potassium, Phosphorous and Magnesium. Top that with the Potassium, Iron, and Vitamin C from the banana slices, and you have one kid-friendly (and mom approved!) snack.


Back On The Blogging Bandwagon

Yes, I am making an attempt to get back on the blogging bandwagon. {Even if it means a lot of picture posts to start!}

But first, I need to catch you all up on the wonderfully strange world of toddlerhood. Chazz has been doing so many little awesome things lately.

He does a lot of semi-coherent babbling. A few of his favorite words are milk (of course), die-uh-perr, tank you, and yelling “XBOX!!!” (our console has voice controls, and it won’t be long before he will figure that out!). Also he recognizes Elmo anywhere, and loves to point him out, on books, tv, and his toys.

Chazz signs milk, water, eat, and most recently, please. Which is sweet to see. We were pretty lazy about signing to him the last few months, but he has really been picking it up since I re-started.

As far as daily life? The kid drinks way too much milk (as in 2 gallons a week!), dislikes the carseat and baths, loves the park, and I am just sure is a little rock star in the making. He dances, drums, sings, and moshes around our living room.

Chazz just started sitting on his potty seat, rather than taking it apart for daily inspections 🙂 And today, I finally got his big boy day bed set up in the new house and he seems to like it better, and just might stay put, even without the side rail holding him in.

The kid loves to climb stuff. Everything must be tested for its climbability! The entertainment center and windows have become favorites. Chazz will drag his potty or a big pot over as a step stool to get to stuff on the counters. Oh, he also thinks sitting ON the table is better than at it.

Chazz even climbed the ladder on the 10 foot slide by himself multiple times last week. Without even looking back or seeming to care that he was WAY off the ground. I, of course, was about two inches behind him the whole way up. And he would turn around and slide down on his belly, laughing the whole way down. A heart attack for me, but apparently a blast to an almost two-year-old adrenaline junkie!

So this is Mr. Chazz on the daily. Trying to climb everything, talking, and making every single day a mini-adventure.

Faux Hawk Lovin’- The First Hair Cut

A certain little man got his first hair cut yesterday!

The New Look

Doesn’t he just look stellar in his little faux hawk!?

And it wasn’t half as crazy as I had it all worked up in my head to be. I thought I would cry. I didn’t. I thought he would scream, or worse, wiggle and end up with a buz cut… He didn’t. In fact, he sat pretty dang still. He was occupied with using the spray bottle on himself, and for the occasional sip of water. The gal who cut his hair was smiley, quick, and entertaining. She even spiked up his hawk with a little green colored gel to match his outfit. And he didn’t squirm that much at all!

But can I just admit something?
I really didn’t want to cut it. Roman and I both loved the skater boy waves and perfect curls in back. I loved running my fingers through his hair until he passed out on my chest. (or until my arm fell asleep, whichever came first.) I loved how his sopping wet hair after bath time came just past his shoulder blades. sigh.

However. . .
The multiple accidental gender confusions were getting on this mama’s nerves. I mean, HELLO, can you not see the camo pants and blue Cars sippy cup??? Even little kids at the park were thing he was a she.
But really the final straw was how dready it would get in the mornings. Chazz has a lot of super fine hair, and it would work itself into the most intricate of knots overnight. The tears from trying to negotiate and brush his hair every morning was getting out of hand! I even wanted to cry.

Or just give in and let the kid have dreads for real.

So it was time. For us to let go of the baby hair, put a stop to the morning tears, and for Chazz Man to get a new look. I think it was a Win Win!