Mum’s NumNums

Mum’s NumNums I enjoyed making most of Chazz’s baby food and am now learning how to feed a picky toddler that loves to “graze.” Here is a collection of recipes and food ideas I have so far. Click on the links below to view past posts and recipes on Forever & After. Making your own baby and toddler food is so much easier then you think! It’s just a matter of freezer space
and a little planning.

Banana Puree A simple purée, great for babies new to solids. Made fresh.

Sweet Carrot Pea Purée A sweet blend of veggies your baby won’t mind eating. Freeze into ice cub trays for easy portioning!

Tropical Medley A suprising and fruity blend of butternut squash, papaya, and juicy pears.

Bananacado Puree Believe it or not, banana and avocado make the perfect blend. Great to throw in the diaper bag and make fresh on the go.

A Quick Toddler Breakfast Pancake ideas and toppings, and quick breakfast tips. Freeze-ahead recipes for “those” mornings.

Cheerio Tricks Tricks and Tips with Cheerios for your picky little eater or self-feeder.

An assortment of finger foods for your self-feeder.

Toddler Friendly Smoothie Banana, mango, and carrot come together to sneek some veggies into your little one.

Freezable Cheesy Rice for Toddlers Make ahead and pull out for those days on the go!


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