Invitations. Decorations. Food. Oh my!

This is my mantra.

And will continue to be my mantra until it’s all over.

The hardcore First Birthday planning is in full swing. ::squee!!:: But the mile-long shopping list is a little scary. I just keep repeating:
“Invitations. Decorations. Food. That’s it.”


Oh, but it is so much more than that. I’m sure Chazz doesn’t really care if the theme is strictly monkeys or the whole jungle. He’d not too concerned about the “chocolate fondue fountain vs. candy buffet vs. both” debate. (He just wants to make sure there are plenty of bananas!)
But Roman and I are running around like crazies putting together invites, turning our house into a jungle, and googling reviews on chocolate fountains.

Yes, we’ve lost it! But crazy=fun and that’s how we roll!

Here are some of the photos from the inspiration board so far.

Theme: Monkeys

Colors: Brown, Tan, and Green

The Invites:

That is obviously not my cutie pie, but I am 99% sure these are the ones. They’re the perfect color green, and cute yet simple enough for a first birthday. Amy Adele is the designer, and I just love her work. I’m ordering matching stickers as well for the favor bags.

The Goods:

I found these adorable plates and napkins. We will probably work the rest of the tablewear around them. Rather than buy the whole birthday kit (which I found a bit overpriced.) I’ll stick to the budget and buy plain green and brown napkins and plasticware at the Dollar Store.

The Food:
It’s a mid-afternoon party so I’m going light with a combination between a candy buffet and chocolate fountain fondue. (Because really, who doesn’t want to dip EVEYTHING in chocolate??) I’m thinking fruits like banana slices and strawberries, along with angelfood cake pieces, cheesecake balls, and shortbread cookies. Oh, and dessert pizza. Yum! I found these pics for ideas while google-ing:


The Favors:
Clear cello bags with stickers from Amy Adele to match the invites. Each guest can fill them up at the candy buffet to take home.

The Not-So-Sure’s:
Cake- Cake, cupcakes? Not sure. I’m thinkin’ some monkey cupcakes and a special “smash cake” for Chazz. ???

The deco- as for decorations, I’m turning our house into a jungle. I’ve been slaving away turning paper bags into vines, making mini palm trees, not-so-mini palm trees, cutting out leaves. My oh my, this is a post all it’s own.

What do you think so far? Am I in over my head?
I just can’t wait to see our Little Monkey on his very first birthday. And I can’t wait to celebrate one whole year of being a family.

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Blessed. Relieved. All of the Above.

I am so beyond ecstatic right now! Roman, who was laid off a month before Chazz was born, just got his job back. And a raise! He is still beaming from ear to ear, and was EXCITED to get up at 6am this morning to get ready for work, lol. {I wasn’t as excited to get up and make him a lunch, but hey!} So right on, Baby! Woohoo!

It is such a blessing… and a relief!

The last 7ish months have been a lot of penny pinching, odd-jobs, and Dollar Store toilet paper. It hasn’t been easy! But God provides, and we were never without food or diapers for the Little Man. Never without a home, and (with some crazy budgeting) able to keep up on bills. And we even had extra money for date night- twice, haha!

So its been Cloud 9 for us. Roman and I celebrated last night, by eating huge bowls of Cheerios and watching old episodes of The Angry Beavers!

And the best part???
{besides the return of 2 ply toilet paper and caller ID…} I get to stay a stay at home mom. Yay! And Roman gets to do what he loves. Yay again!

::HUGE sigh of relief::

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