11 Months Old!

Tick tock, huh?! We’re almost through this much-cherished First Year. Just 30 short days from now, we will have a one year old on our hands.

And I don’t wanna talk about it.

If this is any indication of how fast time flies after having children, then we better not blink or he’ll be 20!

Can’t we just cuddle your little newborn-ness one more time? Or be engulfed with your baby smell like when you were little-little? (that smell is quickly fading.) I look back on old photos (I’m looking back?? on OLD photos? already??) and seeing your teeny peanut body, and wondering when you got so big. Or how “long” your hair was then.

I look back on old blog posts about first colds and milestones I never thought would come, and wonder where the time has gone. Now you are working on a lot of “seconds” and pushing through milestones like a crazy man. Stop it!! You’re making me nervous.

With One quickly approaching, I keep thinking about the year ahead. You’ll be on your way to Two. Doing big boy things. Do I have to stop calling you my baby? Because I’m almost certain you will always be that 7 pound squirmy tank of a baby to me.

And I might still sneek in to peek at you sleeping, you little angel. I find myself tip-toeing in just as much as ever. To watch your little chest rise and fall with each breath. To admire your cute button nose in the moonlight. To giggle about how you are laying, stretched out over an entire queen bed. (how do you do that, seriously.) I sneek back out bursting with joyful pride, and feeling a little empty at the same time. Proud that you don’t need me right there anymore to sleep. But empty that you don’t NEED me right there.

What a strange, conflicted feeling…

Just stay little forever?

~~10 Month Stats~~
Diaper size: 3
Clothing size: Mostly 12M.
Sleeping: Since weaning, worse then better.
Eating: Well, we are partially weaned from the boob juice to formula and lots of foods. He loves plain old cereal and tried his first soup.
Fave toy: Any not-toys he can find!
Fave thing to do: Push a diaper box across the living room to help him walk. O.o
Latest milestones: Holding his own bottle.
Babbling: Dada, DaDD!, Mama, Ggg. We think “Sch.Hazzz” and “DahhK” mean “Chazz” and “Dog” We think…
Tooth Count: 8. More than any baby I know! No new sightings…
I look forward to: The Big One. Early attempts at walking. Words!

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Invitations. Decorations. Food. Oh my!

This is my mantra.

And will continue to be my mantra until it’s all over.

The hardcore First Birthday planning is in full swing. ::squee!!:: But the mile-long shopping list is a little scary. I just keep repeating:
“Invitations. Decorations. Food. That’s it.”


Oh, but it is so much more than that. I’m sure Chazz doesn’t really care if the theme is strictly monkeys or the whole jungle. He’d not too concerned about the “chocolate fondue fountain vs. candy buffet vs. both” debate. (He just wants to make sure there are plenty of bananas!)
But Roman and I are running around like crazies putting together invites, turning our house into a jungle, and googling reviews on chocolate fountains.

Yes, we’ve lost it! But crazy=fun and that’s how we roll!

Here are some of the photos from the inspiration board so far.

Theme: Monkeys

Colors: Brown, Tan, and Green

The Invites:

That is obviously not my cutie pie, but I am 99% sure these are the ones. They’re the perfect color green, and cute yet simple enough for a first birthday. Amy Adele is the designer, and I just love her work. I’m ordering matching stickers as well for the favor bags.

The Goods:

I found these adorable plates and napkins. We will probably work the rest of the tablewear around them. Rather than buy the whole birthday kit (which I found a bit overpriced.) I’ll stick to the budget and buy plain green and brown napkins and plasticware at the Dollar Store.

The Food:
It’s a mid-afternoon party so I’m going light with a combination between a candy buffet and chocolate fountain fondue. (Because really, who doesn’t want to dip EVEYTHING in chocolate??) I’m thinking fruits like banana slices and strawberries, along with angelfood cake pieces, cheesecake balls, and shortbread cookies. Oh, and dessert pizza. Yum! I found these pics for ideas while google-ing:


The Favors:
Clear cello bags with stickers from Amy Adele to match the invites. Each guest can fill them up at the candy buffet to take home.

The Not-So-Sure’s:
Cake- Cake, cupcakes? Not sure. I’m thinkin’ some monkey cupcakes and a special “smash cake” for Chazz. ???

The deco- as for decorations, I’m turning our house into a jungle. I’ve been slaving away turning paper bags into vines, making mini palm trees, not-so-mini palm trees, cutting out leaves. My oh my, this is a post all it’s own.

What do you think so far? Am I in over my head?
I just can’t wait to see our Little Monkey on his very first birthday. And I can’t wait to celebrate one whole year of being a family.

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Chazz is Semi-Mobile!

A quick post before bed, this just couldn’t wait!

My Little Man is thisclose to crawling. He gets his lil’ butt up in the air. One leg goes forward. The next leg struggles after.

And then from there, it all goes wrong.

He does this sort on worm thing. Literally, The Worm. And I’m still laughing!

And a little suprised. This morning he wasn’t able to moved that far. Inches either direction. And tonight he’s Worming across the carpet to his bucket of toys! I’m so proud of you, Chazz! My tuff little man!

This is all going by so fast for me, I still need to finish baby proofing! And hopefully I can catch it on video to post : )


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Mommy Milestone. Come Linkup!

As a first time mommy, I spend a lot of time anticipating and celebrating each and every one of Chazz’s milestones. It is an amazing thing to witness. But I’m starting to realize that I have reached a few milestones myself. And they need some celebrating too! {hey, any reason to pop open a bottle of wine!} Here are some of my mommy milestones

Anxiety. Particularly seperation anxiety! The first couple of times that we left Chazz were really hard for me. But its slowly getting better. This last time, I was a little more relaxed. I didn’t feel panic-y or as anxious to get home to him. It felt nice to get out with Roman and not feel guilty or as stressed. Just enjoying our time together was such a relief! I think it is only a matter of time before I’m more comfortable without him.

Some sort of schedule assymbled. Mostly in hopes of getting our lives back in order. Yes, I realize it will never be the same. And that “order” won’t be possible everyday. I can’t balance it all (yet!) but my new stay at home mom schedule is working well. And to have a few thing accomplised at the end of the day feels nice!

A few milestones that I’m looking forward to:

Sleeping. Ever.
Ok but really, him sleeping in his own bed, and someday his own room, will be nice. But nobody is ready for that yet, especially me! He sleeps well on his own for naps, but with him still nursing at night, it is so hard for me to get out of bed, let alone going in another room. I’m hoping that the weeks following our move, we can slowly move him into his own bed.

Losing the diaper bag. I love love love my diaper bag. Love it! And I am nowhere near being able to give it up. But at some point, it won’t be needed. Not having to lug it around all the time will be nice. {I swear, it’s worse than a purse. I need a back adjustment!} Maybe a small pack for quick changes, and the bulk of it can be in the car?? Because I’m a “just in case” kind of girl.

There are so many things a mom learns along the way! What Mommy Milestones have you accomplished? What are you still working on? Link up, pour a glass of wine, and lets toast to our success!


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Where Did May Go??

It’s a busy week in the Forever&After house, with birthdays {particularly Roman’s} anniversaries {ours! teeheehee!!}, and this year, a friend’s wedding! So of course, there has been no time to blog! Here is the quick rundown:

Yesterday, one of my very good friends got married. Good, as in going into the sixth grade, and coming out together alive, good. I’m honored that I was a bridesmaid, and got to stand by her for one of the biggest days of her life! It was a beautiful ceremony (I only teared up a couple times!) and the reception was a blast! Chazz even came and was amazing for his daddy all day! Of course, once the reception started, he flirted his way around.

We also got into a house that we liked. It wasn’t our first pick, but it is still a great place. It’s a little out of town, with a nice fenced yard for the mutts, and a creek along the back. We’re waiting for the new carpet and appliances, and then we get to move in.

Buh-Bye lil old apartment!

Roman’s 23rd birthday is on Monday, and I’m still thinking of what to do! Maybe a picnic?

And the greatest part of May??
Tomorrow is our 1 Year Anniversary! It has gone by pretty dang fast, and it’s still somewhat of a shock to us both. We have a babysitter lined up, so it’s out on the town for a little fun!
In celebration, tomorrows post is going to be epic. And a little embarassing… I’m writing our love story, complete with pictures of us circa 17yrs old. Epic I tell ya!

But that’s all I can say until tommorow’s post!! And thanks for all of the comment/vote lovins, I promise I’ll get back after all of this madness is over!

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Home Sweet Home

Renting is the pits. I really can’t wait to own our own home. *sigh*
Soon enough, soon enough.

I dont like moving. Well, moving isn’t so much as bad as packing. Wrapping up everything, packing it tight, labeling, losing stuff in the meantime. It’s tedious! However, I don’t mind unpacking because you can put everything exactly how you want it. I’m OCD like that!

But anyway, Roman and I have decided to move out of our current house for a couple different reasons.
-Way. Too. Small. I always feel like I’m going crazy!
-No yard. (And I want a garden!)
-No yard! And we have two lovely mutts that need more of it!
-Just ’cause. We do that a lot.

Oh yeah, and did I mention it was too small? So the last couple days we have been on the look out for some rentable houses. We have our heart set on one that has some amazing architecture and cute vintage flair. There is room for a little garden, a big yard for the mutts, and a garage for Roman to work on cars. Chazz would have lots of crawling room!

I’m crossing my fingers on this one, and hopefully we will know by tommorow evening. This could be a new begining for all of us…:)

Happy 1/2 Birthday Chazz!

Wow. My Little Man is 6 months already! The big .5! And my, how you have grown:

Six months ago, I was holding a beautiful stranger. Your sweet dark eyes looked only to me. Now I’m lucky if you’ll hold still long enough to see your cute face! And you are no longer a stranger. You have a budding little personality, all your own! You are talkative and sweet. Keen and adventurous. There’s no fooling you! You are a momma’s boy through and through and love to snuggle. You often bury your face in my chest and giggle, which is the cutest thing ever!

But you always have time to be one of the guys and sit in your Bumbo seat watching Daddy intently. You save your biggest smiles for your him. I love the heart to heart conversations you have with him. Your little face has so much emotion and expression! And sometimes, he’s the only one who can get you to nap!

Everwhere we go, someone mentions how happy, sweet, or handsome you are. And I beam with pride! You have your Daddy’s big heart, and Mommy’s looks. My tan sweetheart with those dark curls.

You did wonderful at your appointment. On the way, you surprised me with a new sound. “Dadadada” all the way there! You smiled at Dr. Gill and showed off all of your skills for the nurse. You only cried for 4-5 seconds after your shots, but I squeeked Mr. Elephant and all was right and good in the world! You are getting smarter by the day! And oh-so-tough. You roll and spin and inch to get around. You push your tummy up off of the ground, sometimes even to your toes like a push up! You seem to learn something new everyday to surprise us with. You’re growing up too fast for mom! Cut it out, already!

Happy 1/2 Birthday, Monkey-Man!

All my love,

~~6 Month Stats~~

Weight:- 14.5 lbs
Length:- 26 inches
Diaper size: 3
Clothing size: 6 Months
Sleeping: More time in my bed than his!
Eating: Besides BM, he has tried rice and oatmeal, sweet potatoes, squash, applesauce, bananas, avacado, prunes, peas, mango, carrots, pear, and watered down prune juice.
Fave toy: Monkey Ball
Fave thing to do: Deep belly laughs 🙂
Latest milestones: Creeping, rolling, socializing, pulling up
Babbling: I heard a couple DaDaDaDa’s today! -5/12
Newest item/toy: The Sippy
Tooth Count: zero- still waiting!
I look forward to: Crawling. I think. And some “Mamama’s”
Fave Pic:

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