Eye Appointment & ONH Update

Chazz had a follow-up appointment today with his Ophthalmologist, Dr. Weber. About a month and a half ago, he got his first pair of glasses and it was time to assess!

Now understand that Optic Nerve Hypoplasia is an underdeveloped optic nerve (what sends the vision to the brain for “decoding”.) So glasses won’t improve his existing vision to 20/20 like with a “normal” eye, but there are two BIG reasons why he does need them.

1) Protection. Chazz is currently diagnosed as legally blind in his left eye and 20/200 in his right eye. (although we are convinced it is better than that!) The glasses serve as a protective barrier against any pokey object that could compromise what vision he has.

2) Correction. Since birth, Chazz’s left eye has had a tendency to wander when he is tired, and his right eye has become a little far-sighted from being much stronger than his left. Also, due to the two different images his brain is receiving from his eyes, it becomes trained to ignore one image, for Chazz his right eye (the one with better vision…). The glasses will strengthen the vision in his right eye, correct his far-sightedness, and help strengthen the muscles in both eyes to prevent any further wandering until his left eye can be surgically centered.

Now try explaining that to a two-year-old to convince him why they need to stay on!!! (hint: doesn’t work!) The first week was a little bit of a battle, and some mornings he just doesn’t want to put them on. But over all, Chazz has done so well keeping them on. Basically, unless he is sleeping or in the bath, the glasses are on. and once Dr. Weber explained how the brain starts to ignore the differing images and that it isn’t easy to get it to restart that signal, we have been pretty dang adamant about it.

Introducing the glasses was a bit of a struggle, but we made it clear that they help him see better and are to be worn always. I would say a proper fit is key if your little one gets glasses. Any sort of discomfort just adds to the madness! We brought Chazz back in twice to be re-fitted, and they said we were lucky. Also, a really cool glasses case is very important. I think because his case has cars on it, he was more willing to even try them on. Roman and I even popped the lenses out of old 3D movie glasses and rocked them along side him the first few days. We just wanted to make it a fun and easy transition.

After he had them on for a bit, we had the coolest experience ever! Suddenly, everything up close that used to be a blur for him, was visible! I took him on a close-up “re-tour” of our home. The heart on his high chair table, the pictures hung on the wall, word magnets on the fridge, ALL THINGS HE WAS MISSING OUT ON! It was one of those mixed emotion moments for me, he was seeing so much clearer, yet I couldn’t help but think of all the things he had been missing.

So fast forward to the appointment. Chazz walked right in there like he owned the place, repeating the words “eye doctor” which was adorable and hilarious at the same time. He knew what was up! His usual nurse checked him in and we sang our ABC’s and Twinkle Twinkle until Dr. Weber was ready. The appointment was pretty quick, he checked the fit of his glasses, checked his peripheral vision and pupil response, and asked how we thought it was going. We both agreed that the wandering seems to be less often and severe and that was about it.

So his next check-up is in 6 months, and hopefully by that time Chazz will be able to tell US what he is seeing. And even try a picture eye chart for the first time. How exciting!

(PS- sorry for the shotty pictures, the lighting there combined with my dying phone didn’t do us much justice!)


Faux Hawk Lovin’- The First Hair Cut

A certain little man got his first hair cut yesterday!

The New Look

Doesn’t he just look stellar in his little faux hawk!?

And it wasn’t half as crazy as I had it all worked up in my head to be. I thought I would cry. I didn’t. I thought he would scream, or worse, wiggle and end up with a buz cut… He didn’t. In fact, he sat pretty dang still. He was occupied with using the spray bottle on himself, and for the occasional sip of water. The gal who cut his hair was smiley, quick, and entertaining. She even spiked up his hawk with a little green colored gel to match his outfit. And he didn’t squirm that much at all!

But can I just admit something?
I really didn’t want to cut it. Roman and I both loved the skater boy waves and perfect curls in back. I loved running my fingers through his hair until he passed out on my chest. (or until my arm fell asleep, whichever came first.) I loved how his sopping wet hair after bath time came just past his shoulder blades. sigh.

However. . .
The multiple accidental gender confusions were getting on this mama’s nerves. I mean, HELLO, can you not see the camo pants and blue Cars sippy cup??? Even little kids at the park were thing he was a she.
But really the final straw was how dready it would get in the mornings. Chazz has a lot of super fine hair, and it would work itself into the most intricate of knots overnight. The tears from trying to negotiate and brush his hair every morning was getting out of hand! I even wanted to cry.

Or just give in and let the kid have dreads for real.

So it was time. For us to let go of the baby hair, put a stop to the morning tears, and for Chazz Man to get a new look. I think it was a Win Win!

The Snot So Funny Business Of Boogies


Are gross.

Final answer.

And I knew long before I was a mother that I would not be that mother of the kid with snot running down his face 24/7.

For goodness sakes grab a Kleenex for the kid.

That is not going to be my kid.
I won’t let it happen!

The snotty nosed look just doesn’t suit him…

I’m sure it all stems from my booger phobia which started in 3rd grade. This icky kid Alex, that sat by me and his repulsive nose-picking habits have pretty much scarred me.

The whole epic grossness of the situation has created a mass fear and forever influenced my reaction to of all things booger related.

It’s snot funny.
(ok I had to throw that in there)

Even the word makes me cringe. Like clench-my-teeth cringe complete with a sour face. ::shudder::

My kid will NOT be an Alex.

Wiping gobs under fellow classmates’ desks, just waiting for an unsuspecting finger to brush it.


I’m so grossed out by it, I can’t even believe it’s going to have it own tag on MY blog.

But the reality of it all is that my sweet toddler, the one who would never have that problem, has turned into, well, that boy.

I don’t know how it started.
It all happened so fast…
One minute he was a normal boy,
and the next, he was just

But I’ve got to put a stop to it.

All of the boogers, gobby nose, and picking has GOT TO STOP!

Where does it all come from?
That’s a lot of snot from one tiny cute button nose.

And the kid won’t even let me near him with a tissue. It’s like he LIKES it!??

Dear Lord please tell me this is just a phase…
A short phase.
So I can cuddle my booger-free boy again.

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Day Three: Beautiful Disaster

The first two days of dropping Chazz off at daycare (and the whole daycare experience, really…) went a lot better than I had anticipated.

But morning number three? Was a disaster.

Chazz is too smart for his own my good. He knew the moment we pulled up exactly where we were and why.

And friends? He stuck to me like Velcro. Like super glue. Like white on rice…

And my boy was NOT letting go of me for dear life. He clung to my leg and cried a pitiful cry.

Insert panic.

I was already running late. My mind was a little more than flustered, and leaving Chazz there knowing he was crying would have made me feel aweful.

The look on his little face was heartbreaking. He has it down to an art. And I could have caved right then and there, called in to work, and spent the day cuddling, yet full of guilty.

I think the sitter knew I was on the verge of something, so she swept his cute little butt right up and distracted Chazz with a toy car.

Just long enough for me to sneak right out the door and off to work like a good girl!

And when I came to pick him up at the end of the day? He was right on her lap, snuggled in, watching a movie. (You know, he never sits still to cuddle with me… Sigh, toddlerhood)

And just when I thought I had been replaced… He walked across the room and right into this Mama’s arms.

And all of the panic and guilt I held in all day was instantly lifted. Gone.

Just a proud mama and her little man!

I think this is all going to work out just fine.

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Quick update:

Chazz and I both lived through his first day of daycare.

There were no breakdowns on my half, although at one point I thought I would lose it if I didn’t go get him, so I picked him up a little early. 🙂

Chazz only cried for a couple minutes after I left. (yes, I stood outside and listened…) But Emily had Chazz back to laughing in no time.

He even napped for her for over an hour and a half. Ya, I’m a little jealous! But of course, they always do stuff like that for everyone but their parents, right?!

Emily reported that Chazz ate like a champ while he was there, napped well, and got along with the other little boy.

She did mention that he hated having his diaper changed. (why yes, yes he does!) so I gave her a tip to let him stand up during or chase him around afterwards.

Silly boy, he has never been o e to sit through an entire diaper change.

Overall, I think it went great.

Chazz seemed comfortable… Emily seemed comfortable… I left feeling somewhat comfortable…

And I would call that a success!

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Daycare Isn’t A Crime, I’m Just A Coward

Chazz Man will be heading on an adventure all his own Wednesday. He starts his first day of “daycare.”

{I prefer the term “nanny.” Because it sounds less scary. Like I’m not dropping my kid off with someone I only barely know. The anxiety is GETTING TO ME.}

In related news: Mommy is going to have a breakdown tomorrow. I try not to ::hyperventilate:: when I think about it but COME ON!!

There is most likely a tear-filled panic attack in my new future.

I didn’t exactly picture someone else taking care of my kiddo.
But we have to make this work.

We like the idea that Chazz won’t be at some drop-off center with a bunch of runny-nosed/obnoxious/distracting/sickly/bad-mannered/GERMY! kids.


This seems like a better fit for us.

It’s just Chazz, “Emily,” and another little 3 year old boy.

Cozy. I like cozy.

And the fact that he cried, no, BAWLED when we left her home after the interview makes me feel a little better.

At least he likes her. Right?


My list, in preperation? Is a mile long.

Extra this. Extra that. A favorite toy. A NANNY CAM.

Okay I’m a little kidding about that last one. Just know that if I had one handy… I would totally use it…
I’ll just have to re-park my car and peek in the windows…

Okay, again, mostly kidding.
Emily seemed great with Chazz. Playful, attentive, nurturing.
Second-best to yours truly.

And she is willing to help potty train when the time comes… SCORE!

All in all, this is almost like one big leap of faith for us. (Chazz just thinks it’s one big playdate lol. “Ooh! New Toys!”)

On one hand, I know he will be safe and in good hands. But on the other, he isn’t safe unless he is in MY good hands… Ya know?

Oh the internal conflict that comes with motherhood. You all should have warned me.!.

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Another Successful Appointment

So after all of last night’s venting? Chazz’s doctors appointment was easy-peasy!

There were no shots, no bloodwork, and no tears. Which is a success in my book.

The purpose of the appt was to check on his weight, since he is such a little man. And we will be seeing them every two months until he makes some ground in the growth department.

The good news is HE DID GAIN WEIGHT!! Chazz weighed in at 18 pounds 11 ounces and 29 1/4 inches tall. {Yes, we are counting any extra ounces or inches we can!} And his head measures right on, as usual.

Roman an I managed to throw together a last-minute list of questions. His pedi had a lot of extra time to answer them, which helped put our minds at ease a little.

Chazz won’t be needing tubes in his ears due to those back to back ear infections a while back as they thought. His ears looked great. Success!

As far as growth, Chazz isn’t leveling out on the growth chart, which is good. He is continuing right along the same curve (between the 1st and 2nd %ile).

Ideally, we want to see him at 4%-5% by two. So we have a lot of headway to make, but I think we can do it.

We also are not going to start him on any growth hormones unless he starts leveling out on the growth chart.

We are going to take Chazz to see the Pediatric Endocrinologist in Seattle if he doesn’t make some headway by the next check-up in two months. Just to be sure that his pituitary gland is producing enough of other hormones as well.


I don’t want to do that, because it frankly is scary and pretty much involves pushing him to the point of being hypoglycemic and testing his levels over a three day hospital stay.

It sounds rough, and I don’t want my baby to go through that.

So we have the next two months to get some chunk on this kid!

But as his doctor said, it looks like he is holding ground, so there is a lot in our favor. And the way Chazz has been eating, I think it will all work out.

So after all my worries, the appt went just fine, we got good news, and all our questions were answered.

Oh, and I made his next appointment in the afternoon. So no more early morning doctor dates from now on!
(really, what was I thinking?!)

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