The Little Things

Wednesdays pretty much rock for one and-a-half reasons.

I get the day off WOOHOO! and Chazz is with Emily The Sitter for a half-day.

I have a few hours by myself to run errands, pay bills, and clean house.

You know, things that would normally require you to drive/run around in circles, get in and out of the car a dozen times, and be in the general {rude} public. All things that aren’t so joyous or easily done when you have a trouble fun -loving toddler in tow. Entertaining, however, not productive.

And sometimes (okay, so far twice…), if I get all my stuff done like a good house wifey, I have a little spare time to do ::GASP!::

A couple weeks ago, I stopped at the park and took a few pictures.

Pertty snow.

Silly me, I was practicing with my new Canon, and had zoomed so far in, I didn’t see that the creeper herd of ducks was trying to surround me. And I wasn’t sticking around long enough for them to realize I wasn’t there to give them bread…

They seem like sweet ducks, at first...

Great, they're after me.

And this week? I decided to play it safe. Somewhere without bread crazed water fowl. And warm.

Retail Therapy.

I hit a few thrift stores to see what goodies I could find. =] And [maybe] I went to JoAnn’s, but “only for some inspiration.”

And boy, the goodies I found.

Feelin' a little spring-y!

Who couldn’t love the super funky vase. For $1.00 (A FREAKING DOLLAR, PEOPLE! love it!) This mustard yellow chunky bracelet was my first find. And when I [maybe] swung by JoAnn’s, I spotted that printed canvas wall art, and HAD to have it. At 60% off, I think it was a good deal.

Total Spent: $3.50

And while I was [maybe] at JoAnn’s, I got some fun ribbons and trinkets to try my hand at making hair clips. Really, I just saw the ribbon and had to create a spur of the moment craft to justify buying it, but hey.

Feelin' a little crafty!

Total Spent: $8.ISH

I did get a little something to indulge my domestic side.

because it just makes my heart smile 😛

Is this not the cutest oven mit? I love the bright lime, and obviously I was digging floral that day. Too bad it won’t stay that way forever! :]

Oh, and my other good find? (I’ll spare you pictures.) An unopened box of Huggies for $3. Say what?! Of all the cool things I found, this is what made my day, lol. I couldn’t believe it. Pretty much saved myself $20 and the gas to Target.

It’s the little things in life!


Craft Fun With #GlueDots

Summer time is craft time. And I have so many things to make!

I don’t know if you hang out on TwitterMoms, but it is the place for moms. Tons of advice and ideas, and opportunities to try cool stuff too. Like these Glue Dots.

I had the opportunity to try some out thanks to TwitterMoms and Glue Dots. (and by some, I mean that they sent me a lifetime supply, lol) I love scrapbooking, and they work great for those kind of projects. Use them to make cute cards and invites without any mess.

But I also found some not-so-obvious uses for them around the home:

-Tack down silverware holder in drawer. I don’t know about you, but mine is alwayssliding around in the drawer, and it’s a big pet peeve. So a Glue Dot under each corner keeps it in place and organized.

-Hold up posters without holes in the wall.
-Keep decor on shelves in place- bottom of candles.
-Embellishing crafts with buttons and beads.
-Or sprinkle some glitter on one side of the Glue Dot for “Glitter Dots.”

Also, the diaper cake I recieved at my baby shower was held together with glue dots! Have you tried making one of those? The rolled up diapers are a pain to keep together while wrapping with ribbon, so tack the diapers together with Glue Dots, and voilà, easy diaper cake!

I also plan on using these for making and hanging decorations during Chazz’s birthday. We can hang stuff up without worrying about holes or them falling down.

Swing by both TwitterMoms and the Glue Dots Facebook page to join the discussion and get craft ideas.

*I wrote this blog post while participating in the TwitterMoms and Glue Dots blogging contest to be eligible to receive a $30 gift card. For more information on how you can participate, click here.*

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Scrapbooking Progress!

While I was pregnant (and oh-so-restless!) I crafted a bunch of themed scrapbook pages for Chazz’s album. And I am so glad I did, because I might just finish it by time he’s 10!

Here is the album we got. I love the little bumblebee. The nature themed paper is from JoAnn’s, and it rocks!

The first page with a spot for his hospital picture.

A spread dedicated to the baby bump. I worked as a barista while pregnant, and my customers always joked that I had “swallowed a coffee bean!”

(it says “Psst! The cat’s out of the bag!” And boy, wasn’t it!)

Our first ultrasound! And “It’s a Boy!”

The Miracle of Life.

As you can tell, i have a ways to go. But it’s all finally coming together, one nap at a time. I’m loving how it is turning out. Now if only I could get time to print some pictures off….!

PS. I would love any layout ideas!