Making New Friends

As a kid, making new friends was as easy a sugar cookies, baby! And for Chazz, it is no different.

We recently switched Chazz to daycare. Yes, an actual daycare. With multiple living, breathing, coughing, booger-infested children 😛

And guess what?? HE LOVES IT!

I, being the slightly neurotic mother I am, was a little bit crazed when Emily announced she was pregnant (read: exhauated) and no longer wanting to watch kids. Emily started watching Chazz when he was 9 months old, and we love her dearly! But as they say, such is life. Which is what I told her after squeeling in delight, then tearing up at the latter part of the news. (Sigh)

Emily has been with us since the beginning. I was so blessed to be able to take a 9 Month maternity leave, and just as blessed to have her to take care of our son while I work.

Changing caregivers was enough to send me into a 2 week flurry, finding, researching, and interrogating interviewing possible replacements. (By the way, here is a link to an extensive checklist for weeding through options!)

Luckily, we found one we were pleased with. And it is actually close to work and home. Yay! I love how attentive the gals are, they have Bible hour, and they always seem to be cooking something yummy when we get there. They run through the sprinklers on hot days, and have an age appropriate playground for the kids. They even let me bring his own organic schmanic sunscreen and bug spray.


Aaaand you have to enter a security code to even get in the door. Now the neurotic part of me LIKES that!

Most importantly, Chazzman has even made a few friends, Connor and Bridger, and talks about them all the time. Friends make it so much easier to get Chazz up for “baby school” hehe, all I have to do is drop a name or two, and he is almost willing to get up and get moving. (Chazz is like a teenager in the mornings, I swear! He would sleep til noon if he could!)

So, so far so good. And while we sure miss Emily (Chazz still asks to go to Emy’s house 😦 ) we were quite lucky to find a somewhat comparable replacement.

Chazz is adjusting well, is learning a ton, and making new friends.

And panic attacks aside, Roman and I even survived!