Fun @ The Fair

We took Chazz to the fair this week, and boy did we have fun! Roman and I were a little nervous because we weren’t sure how Chazz would react to the rides.

Well we should have known, our little adrenaline junkie would soak it up. At no time was he even remotely scared. He laughed hysterically, espesially on the mini rollercoaster.

A summary of our night:

Berry Go Round
Flying Cars, Duck, and Fighter Jet
Kiddie Rollercoaster
2 Funhouses

Indian Tacos (very yummy!)
Huckleberry Soda

I think it was a great “first Fair” experience, and I am so glad Chazz had fun.

We skipped on any of the games. They’re always a ripoff and the workers were just a tad creepy…
And we didn’t check out the livestock or arts building (dangit!) I forgot my benadryl and we ran out of time!

Can’t wait for next year, maybe animals and the Ferris Wheel are in our future?!