Happy First Birthday, Chazz!

Whew! Exhausted. But a few quick notes before bed…

Our Little Monkey is finally ONE!

Chazz’s first birthday was amazing. The Birthday Boy “monkey’d around” (haha…) all morning eating cheerios and bananas while we finished putting together the jungle vines.

We were starting to get a little worried, as he was getting really fussy and refused to nap. Disaster in the making! So Roman and Chazz went on a quick drive to get him to pass out. Works like a charm.

When they got back he slept for 2.5 hours, and right through the first half hour of his own partay! Talk about fashionably late.

But since I didn’t think he’d mind, we dug into the sweets buffet anyway! 🙂 Which turned out wonderfully, by the way. And it was a lot of fun to put together. The chocolate fondue was omigosh amazing, with fresh fruits and various cookies and treats to dip. Oh, and about six pounds of Sixlets. Fun fun.

Here is a peek at the jungle vines (how-to post still to come!). I made them from twisted paper bags with felt leaves and fake flowers. And a lot of monkeys!

When Chazz finally awoke, we served up the monkey cupcakes.

And served The Monkey his own personal (egg-free, frosting-free) banana cake. Mmmm!

With a cheerio on top, per Head Chef Chazz.


…Done for!

Then it was off to open gifts with a little help from dad. Chazz got a lot of fun books and toys, clothes, and even a chair just his size.

What a lucky little man on his first birthday. We were surrounded by family and friends to celebrate one year of crazyfun.

I can’t believe how fast this year has gone, how much Chazz has grown, and how far we’ve come as a family. Happy Birthday Chazz-man! I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect “you”!

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The Working Mom: Part 2

This past week has been a whirlwind. Of activities. Of emotions. Of everything!

I’m enjoying being a working mom (for the most part!) and all the things that come with it. Like adult interaction and conversation. Money is nice. And being surrounded by designer labels doesn’t hurt either!

It’s hard to leave him every morning, but it is getting easier. And I appreciate my “Stay At Home Mom Days” that much more. It is hard to be on my feet all day, and then come home and put on my Supermom cape. I’m worn out, tired, and maybe even a little grumpy somedays. {who, me??} But I’m adjusting and I hope I won’t be a zombie forever 🙂

The only things that have me a little down, aren’t so bad I guess. We decided to give him formula during the days I am at work. I neve thought The F-Word would creep into our lives, and Chazz’s belly, but it ended up being the easiest for all involved. I do pump and dump to keep my supply up, and boy is it hard to pour that “liquid gold” out! I’m trying not to feel guilty about not exclusively nursing him to One like I planned. But hey, nothing really goes as planned, does it?!

I don’t really know where I’m going with this post, but this is all a big change, and my mind is still transitioning! So bear with me, as I try to fit it all in, and find time to blog as well.

And, as always, any advice is much appreciated! So if you have “been there, done that” help a mama out.

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We’re Moving!

Finally! ::SQUEE!::

That kinda sorta maybe means blogging won’t be happening. I know, I know, try not to lose it! But with all of the packing {gag}, the maze of boxes, cleaning, and unpacking, aaaand being mom, I just won’t have time… It’s not you, it’s me. 🙂

But when the dust clears (and the wifi is back up), I’ll be sure to post some before and after pics of our new home

Until then, my lovlies!

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Forever & After- How It All Began

Wow, that sure went by fast! Roman and I got married one year ago today!

For our One Year Anniversary, I thought I would tell a little story about how we met.

Once apon a time, I was 17, he was, well… not! The scene starts in the backseat of a mutual friends car. (Don’t worry, I swear this is PG!) And I was completely ignoring him. Yep, wouldn’t even give him the time of day. I heard he was trouble, and wanted nothing to do with it. {I thought.} Turns out, he was just the trouble I was looking for, I just didn’t know it yet.

Fast forward to the very next day. I headed to the public library, and sure enough the only computer open was right next to him… And I am so glad I sat there! I thought he was super cute, and he smelled so good! I ended up asking him to lunch with me when a friend bailed, and we spent the whole meal laughing. And despite looking like trouble, I found he was the sweetest guy ever!

After lunch, we went to the park and sat and talked. And it was an awesome, amazing connection. There were never any of those silent awkward moments or weird pauses. It all just flowed! We flow.

And then we just never stopped hanging out! We spent that summer, always together. Attatched at the hip. Here are some of our favorite pictures from back in the day:

Weren’t we just the cutest little rebels! I love the picture of us holding hands. It was only a couple days after we met. The second is in Subway a couple weeks later. {Gosh, I wish I could get that tan again…} The third is us being cute for the camera. Rawr! The last photo was a year after we met. ❤

What an amazing summer that was. I had met the love of my life, and didn’t know it yet! It was perfect, young love that grew into that forever and after kind of love.

Here is a screenshot of a myspace message (yes, myspace) that I found from him. Notice the date!

It has been four years since that beautiful summer. Since then, we have tied the knot and started a family, but we’re still the two teens in love, who just never stopped holding hands!

And they lived happily ever after!

Where Did May Go??

It’s a busy week in the Forever&After house, with birthdays {particularly Roman’s} anniversaries {ours! teeheehee!!}, and this year, a friend’s wedding! So of course, there has been no time to blog! Here is the quick rundown:

Yesterday, one of my very good friends got married. Good, as in going into the sixth grade, and coming out together alive, good. I’m honored that I was a bridesmaid, and got to stand by her for one of the biggest days of her life! It was a beautiful ceremony (I only teared up a couple times!) and the reception was a blast! Chazz even came and was amazing for his daddy all day! Of course, once the reception started, he flirted his way around.

We also got into a house that we liked. It wasn’t our first pick, but it is still a great place. It’s a little out of town, with a nice fenced yard for the mutts, and a creek along the back. We’re waiting for the new carpet and appliances, and then we get to move in.

Buh-Bye lil old apartment!

Roman’s 23rd birthday is on Monday, and I’m still thinking of what to do! Maybe a picnic?

And the greatest part of May??
Tomorrow is our 1 Year Anniversary! It has gone by pretty dang fast, and it’s still somewhat of a shock to us both. We have a babysitter lined up, so it’s out on the town for a little fun!
In celebration, tomorrows post is going to be epic. And a little embarassing… I’m writing our love story, complete with pictures of us circa 17yrs old. Epic I tell ya!

But that’s all I can say until tommorow’s post!! And thanks for all of the comment/vote lovins, I promise I’ll get back after all of this madness is over!

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Home Sweet Home

Renting is the pits. I really can’t wait to own our own home. *sigh*
Soon enough, soon enough.

I dont like moving. Well, moving isn’t so much as bad as packing. Wrapping up everything, packing it tight, labeling, losing stuff in the meantime. It’s tedious! However, I don’t mind unpacking because you can put everything exactly how you want it. I’m OCD like that!

But anyway, Roman and I have decided to move out of our current house for a couple different reasons.
-Way. Too. Small. I always feel like I’m going crazy!
-No yard. (And I want a garden!)
-No yard! And we have two lovely mutts that need more of it!
-Just ’cause. We do that a lot.

Oh yeah, and did I mention it was too small? So the last couple days we have been on the look out for some rentable houses. We have our heart set on one that has some amazing architecture and cute vintage flair. There is room for a little garden, a big yard for the mutts, and a garage for Roman to work on cars. Chazz would have lots of crawling room!

I’m crossing my fingers on this one, and hopefully we will know by tommorow evening. This could be a new begining for all of us…:)