Easter Fun

Easter is just that much more amazing when you have a kid. And I’m sure it will only continue to get that much more so as Chazz grows up to enjoy all of the reasons to celebrate.

Roman and I helped Chazz run around to find eggs, and even hid a few of his own in the seat of the tricycle. He was a lot more into the whole thing this year, and I think he got the idea of egg = fun. Although I don’t think he appreciated the candy as much. Chazz tried a piece of jelly bean, but I think he much prefered them for the maraca-like sound they made in the plastic eggs than the sugary goodness inside.

He shook eggs around all afternoon, enjoying all the sunshine that finally decided to show up around here! And we enjoyed snapping some pictures of our big little monster having a blast.

What's in here??

See that long hair? Love it.

My Boys

Mama's Little Man

I hope you all had a nice Easter as well!



What a good Fourth!



And Fotos of my baby boy.
(ok, that last one was a stretch, but I just had to!)

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Wordless-less Wednesday

My Wordless Wednesday posts have never been wordless! So here you have it, Wordless-less Wednesday!

Little Man is enjoying being able to hold himself up on things. Everything! I have to be careful when picking him up, because he has been grabbing onto any and everything he can! I snapped this quick picture at a family get together last week, pardon the bad lighting!

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On My First Mother’s Day

Thank you for making me a mommy! Six months ago, you were due, and I was impatiently waiting for you to come. I never understood the strength of a mother’s love until I had you. You are just as precious at 4 am, bawling, as you are when you’re peacefully sleeping on my chest. I’ve learned a lot about love from you. You’ve given me many gifts. Unconditional love, never-ending strength, selflessness, insights I never had before there was a you. I couldn’t imagine a more perfect baby boy!
Love, Mom

Aka Madrè, Merè, Momma
I love you to pieces!
Thank you for being such an awesome mom, an example of the mother I was to become! There were times I thought I was sure I had just dug my own grave. But no matter what trouble I was in, you were there to show me the way, and love me unconditionally. Thanks for being the best teacher, cheerleader, and friend a daughter could ask for.
Love, Chelcie Rae

Being such a wonderful dad is what inspires me to be a wonderful mom. Thanks for the simple things, like changing diapers, and the pretty dang big ones, like working your hardest for our family. Thanks for always supporting me in my mommy decisions and adventures (I know you think all this “organic-shmamic” is slightly crazy). And for all of the times you tell me that I’m an amazing mom. It might not seem like much, but it is really nice to hear, and keeps me goin!
Forever and After, Baby.

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First Easter

You woke up all smiles, and I got you washed up and dressed for church. You looked like a little stud in your new outfit!

At church, you were just an angel! You seemed amazed by the bells and the choir music.

At Great Gma and Gpa E’s, your little cousins sure had a blast with you! Little Eric and Isaac were playing with you, then sweetly rocked you to sleep in your carseat. At dinner, I gave you a taste of mashed potatoes, which you didn’t seem too mind at all!

At Gma and Gpa H’s, you had fun with your new stuffed bunny. The soft fir on your face made you giggle.

You even spotted a hidden egg and grabbed it! Mommy was so proud!

After such a long day, you really enjoyed our bath! You splish-splashed and giggled the whole time. I barely got you in your PJ’s, and you were out.

I love you little bunny!