Thankful on Thursday

I am quite thankful for more than a few things in my life right now. I like to take time out to remeber how lucky we are, but sometimes in all of the chaos, it is easy to forget!

The most important is that we are all happy, healthy, and loved. Roman got his job back after being laid off for 6-ish months. Chazz’s eye appointments are going well. We are thismuch closer to finding out just how well he can see out of his left eye. And we are finally settling into our new home.

I’m thankful that I get to stay a stay at home mom. I really admire those working women, but I’m not ready for that. Yet. I feel like I’m finally settling into a routine that works. Both with Chazz’s day, and mine. Some days I get a lot done, some days, not so much. But that’s ok!

I’m really thankful that it is officially Summer. And I can take Little Man outside to play. And swim. And we can shop and go to the Farmer’s Market. Ahh!… I have so many plans for this summer.

There is a lot to be thankful for! All the little things are a good reminder of that…<3


Tornado Tuesday Blog Hop

Hormonal Imbalances

Diana at Hormonal Imbalances is hosting a brand new blog hop, and I am excited to join her in kicking it off today. Check out the details and link up with us!

First off, thanks for stopping in from the blog hop! I’m sure you noticed things are a little bare around here. I just moved over from Blogger to WordPress, and I couldn’t be happier! But, as many things go in the life of a new mom, I haven’t gotten time to spruce it up yet, so “bare” with me. (You’ll see a lot of puns around here!) So here is the skinny on the Forever&After family.

I started this blog for my baby boy, Chazz. He is 7 months old, and the most charming little man! As a digital scrapbook of his first year of life. Of our journey as first time, young parents. And to connect with and learn from other mommas! Since becoming parents, we’re *trying* to go green with baby, everything short of cloth diapers : ) (maybe someday…) I make most of Chazz’s baby food- Mum’s NumNums– and try to stick to the organic baby stuff. We’re still nursing, still co-sleeping, and still bed-sharing (for now!)

The last seven months have been quite the adventure, so browse around an old post or two. And let me know you stopped by so I can read your adventures too!

Hormonal Imbalances

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Mommy Milestone. Come Linkup!

As a first time mommy, I spend a lot of time anticipating and celebrating each and every one of Chazz’s milestones. It is an amazing thing to witness. But I’m starting to realize that I have reached a few milestones myself. And they need some celebrating too! {hey, any reason to pop open a bottle of wine!} Here are some of my mommy milestones

Anxiety. Particularly seperation anxiety! The first couple of times that we left Chazz were really hard for me. But its slowly getting better. This last time, I was a little more relaxed. I didn’t feel panic-y or as anxious to get home to him. It felt nice to get out with Roman and not feel guilty or as stressed. Just enjoying our time together was such a relief! I think it is only a matter of time before I’m more comfortable without him.

Some sort of schedule assymbled. Mostly in hopes of getting our lives back in order. Yes, I realize it will never be the same. And that “order” won’t be possible everyday. I can’t balance it all (yet!) but my new stay at home mom schedule is working well. And to have a few thing accomplised at the end of the day feels nice!

A few milestones that I’m looking forward to:

Sleeping. Ever.
Ok but really, him sleeping in his own bed, and someday his own room, will be nice. But nobody is ready for that yet, especially me! He sleeps well on his own for naps, but with him still nursing at night, it is so hard for me to get out of bed, let alone going in another room. I’m hoping that the weeks following our move, we can slowly move him into his own bed.

Losing the diaper bag. I love love love my diaper bag. Love it! And I am nowhere near being able to give it up. But at some point, it won’t be needed. Not having to lug it around all the time will be nice. {I swear, it’s worse than a purse. I need a back adjustment!} Maybe a small pack for quick changes, and the bulk of it can be in the car?? Because I’m a “just in case” kind of girl.

There are so many things a mom learns along the way! What Mommy Milestones have you accomplished? What are you still working on? Link up, pour a glass of wine, and lets toast to our success!


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Wordless-less Wednesday

I just love these two! I love the special laughs that Chazz has just for his daddy. It’s sweet how he says “dadada” and giggles.

Watching them play is heartwarming, and I can’t wait to see them grow together!

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BYOB Partay!

It’s a Bring Your Own Blog party this week on D-listed. If you haven’t yet, check them out, add yours, and find some fun blogs!


A little about us. I am a young wife and mommy, as in 21 years young. I married my best friend, Roman, last May, after discovering “Oops! We’re Preggy!” {We had been engaged for 2 years, and never set the date, I think God was nudging us a little!} I had our beautiful son, Chazz Dallen, in November 2009, and life just keeps getting better!

As young parents, we are always juggling a lot! Roman works really hard so that I can stay home with Chazz. I hope to start back up with college soon for Graphic Design. Our dream is to build our own house in the next couple years.

Forever&After is the new blog on the block! There are a billion things we want to keep track of, and even more things to learn. So I started this blog as a way to keep tabs on Chazz, and even learn from some seasoned mommas! I write a lot about my Little Man, of course, and the adventures of a young mom. I’m *trying* to “green up” our little family. I make most of Chazz’s baby food and love sharing those recipes. Chazz was just diagnosed with a vision disability, ONH, and that has been a mixed experience.

Feel free to click your way around and leave comments and suggestions. Don’t forget a link, I love reading new blogs!

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