Big-ish Boy Bath

The newborn-toddler tub just wasn’t cutting it anymore. Chazz’s limbs were practically coming out of each corner. But I don’t think he was quite ready to be in the “tub” tub yet. Too vast and dangerous for my liking. And when we tried it out, I don’t think Chazz enjoyed it either.

So it was off to Target (any excuse to go!) to find a solution. We found this super awesome inflatable rubber ducky tub. We hoped it would be the perfect middle-ground.

And after tonight’s bath, I’m almost certain it is. πŸ™‚

Chazz and The Ducky Tub

Chazz and The Ducky Tub

Isn’t he adorable?!?
Quack Quack

He laughs when it quacks!

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10 Steps And Counting

5 Steps And Counting

Ok, maybe it’s not officially official, but the kid took five FIVE big kid steps for me on Saturday. And then he turned around and did the same thing for Roman and I on Sunday.

I can’t even believe it! But it went a little something like this:

Chazz clings to my leg while attempting to walk. But this time, he let go and took three steps towards our grandfather clock. He paused for a moment to decide if he should keep going or sit, I think. Mid-squat he decided to go for it and took two more steps and made it!

What a champ! He had that look of pure determination on his face. And he giggled the whole way. I think he like the feeling of being free. Being mobile.

And to do it twice? In one weekend? That must mean he’s really thinking about being a walking dude. A big kid!

Speaking of big kids, we are taking him to check out a daycare today at a church right by my work. I’m a little nervous, Roman is really nervous πŸ™‚ but I think with all of our new work schedules (yay! No more being layed off!) a half day at daycare will be a good thing got everyone. Sleep for Roman, and a little social interaction for the Chazz-man.

I think it’s a little cute how worried Roman is about putting Chazz into a daycare. I mean he is really worried. Probably only even thinking about it because of the promise of sleep. And at the same time I totally know how he feels. But 4 hours a few days a week will be a great little tester phase for everyone.

I will keep you posted on our little walking adventurer!

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The Chazz Lately: Edition I

Remember how I said I wanted to create a newspaper-like post for Chazz Man? It’s a part of the new FAB Goals I have for 2011. And taking the time to cherish the little things Chazz does!

Except I have yet to find a single website that will let me make a fake paper that looks like the paper. Sigh.

Anyways… So here it is, plain and simple this week: The Chazz Lately!

β€’Chazz made his theatrical debut last week in a church play. He played the baby Jesus and did such a great job! He even decided to have an impromptu sing-along with the Angels that just melted our hearts.

β€’On Friday night, he slept all the way through the night. No mid-night bottle or wake. That has NEVER happened before. And I mean never as in never-ever-ever-ever-ever. Even when we tried sleep training like 8 months ago. So it was quite refreshing!

β€’Going along with that last one, he has been sleeping in his own bed for about 2 weeks now. It’s nice to have the extra mattress space, but we miss his snuggles.

Even Roman said it, it just feels lonely! Since we were done weaning about two months ago, we decided to head to the next step for us, and boot him outta the bed. Chazz’s bed is still right next ours, so we aren’t too lonely. I am proud at how smooth the transitions was. Three nights of tears was hard, but he has less tantrums, longer naps, and better overall sleep. Oh, and his feet aren’t in my ribs anymore!

β€’We swear he can talk, but just refuses to when we’re around. Aside from mama, dada, yeah and the usual Chazz-ese, he doesn’t say words. But I just know I heard “Love You” after I’ve left the room at naptime. And Roman thought he heard “Tunes” once or twice. Only when we’re out of sight or he is alone, rambling to “stall” naptime. Tricky Tricky!

Well, that is this week’s edition of The Chazz Lately. Stay tuned next week, you never know what surprises toddlerhood could have up it’s dirty, snotty sleeve.

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Invitations. Decorations. Food. Oh my!

This is my mantra.

And will continue to be my mantra until it’s all over.

The hardcore First Birthday planning is in full swing. ::squee!!:: But the mile-long shopping list is a little scary. I just keep repeating:
“Invitations. Decorations. Food. That’s it.”


Oh, but it is so much more than that. I’m sure Chazz doesn’t really care if the theme is strictly monkeys or the whole jungle. He’d not too concerned about the “chocolate fondue fountain vs. candy buffet vs. both” debate. (He just wants to make sure there are plenty of bananas!)
But Roman and I are running around like crazies putting together invites, turning our house into a jungle, and googling reviews on chocolate fountains.

Yes, we’ve lost it! But crazy=fun and that’s how we roll!

Here are some of the photos from the inspiration board so far.

Theme: Monkeys

Colors: Brown, Tan, and Green

The Invites:

That is obviously not my cutie pie, but I am 99% sure these are the ones. They’re the perfect color green, and cute yet simple enough for a first birthday. Amy Adele is the designer, and I just love her work. I’m ordering matching stickers as well for the favor bags.

The Goods:

I found these adorable plates and napkins. We will probably work the rest of the tablewear around them. Rather than buy the whole birthday kit (which I found a bit overpriced.) I’ll stick to the budget and buy plain green and brown napkins and plasticware at the Dollar Store.

The Food:
It’s a mid-afternoon party so I’m going light with a combination between a candy buffet and chocolate fountain fondue. (Because really, who doesn’t want to dip EVEYTHING in chocolate??) I’m thinking fruits like banana slices and strawberries, along with angelfood cake pieces, cheesecake balls, and shortbread cookies. Oh, and dessert pizza. Yum! I found these pics for ideas while google-ing:


The Favors:
Clear cello bags with stickers from Amy Adele to match the invites. Each guest can fill them up at the candy buffet to take home.

The Not-So-Sure’s:
Cake- Cake, cupcakes? Not sure. I’m thinkin’ some monkey cupcakes and a special “smash cake” for Chazz. ???

The deco- as for decorations, I’m turning our house into a jungle. I’ve been slaving away turning paper bags into vines, making mini palm trees, not-so-mini palm trees, cutting out leaves. My oh my, this is a post all it’s own.

What do you think so far? Am I in over my head?
I just can’t wait to see our Little Monkey on his very first birthday. And I can’t wait to celebrate one whole year of being a family.

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9 Months Old

Since Chazz will be 10 MONTHS OLD in a couple days, I figure I should post this, huh?

Well Chazz-man,
Here we are, at nine months old. You have been an “outside baby” just as long as you were inside the belly. And I know I will say this again and again, but this really is the best month yet. You are becoming so independent and personable. We’re so proud of the little man you are turning into. My, how your Daddy beams when someone mentions how handsome/sweet/charming you are.

This month has been a big change for all of us. You have grown a ton, popped 6 teeth through, and say Mama and Dada with intent. With Mommy back at work part time, our days are a little different, but you’ve been a champ through it all. You are quite the expert crawler, moving at lightning speeds across the room. You also love to pull up on any and everything to stand. You’re becoming more daring about standing up, often only holding on with one hand. Twice now, you have let go to try out standing on your own. A brave little guy!

You are well on your way to being a toddler. To being a ONE year old! (seriously, HOW DID THAT HAPPEN??) And yes, the party planning is in full swing already. But for now, we are just taking it all in, and enjoying these last few months of babyhood.

And Baby Boy… just stay the charming and determined little bugger you are, and nothing will be impossible.

Love you,

~~9 Month Stats~~
Weight:- 16 lbs 7.6oz
Length:- 23 inches
Diaper size: 3
Clothing size: Mostly 9M and some 12M.
Sleeping: Sleeps great, but doesn’t sleep in! 7 am or earlier :/
Eating: Besides BM, he has tried rice and oatmeal, sweet potatoes, squash, applesauce, bananas, avocado, prunes, peas, mango, carrots, pumpkin, green beans, blueberry, pear, watermelon, melon, chicken, Pedialite, watered down prune juice, teething crackers.
Fave toy: Books Books Books!
Fave thing to do: Drum and crawl around. Take off his socks!
Latest milestones: Cruising.
Babbling: Dada, Mama, a whole bunch of other babbling.
Tooth Count: 8. EIGHT! 4 on top, 4 below. Help us!
I look forward to: Helping you take some steps.
Fave Pic: “Cruisin'”

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“I’m Gunna Miss That Gummy Smile…”

But you do look so cute! You’re up to 5 teeth now. Wow, that happened fast! Your top two front teeth are peeking through, along with your bottom left front, and the two left of that.

You like testing out your chompers on fingers, my arm, and during feeding time. Ouch!

The irony of it all? I’ll have to put quarters under your pillow someday for these teeth you are biting me with now. Who’s idea was that?!

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