The Little Things

Wednesdays pretty much rock for one and-a-half reasons.

I get the day off WOOHOO! and Chazz is with Emily The Sitter for a half-day.

I have a few hours by myself to run errands, pay bills, and clean house.

You know, things that would normally require you to drive/run around in circles, get in and out of the car a dozen times, and be in the general {rude} public. All things that aren’t so joyous or easily done when you have a trouble fun -loving toddler in tow. Entertaining, however, not productive.

And sometimes (okay, so far twice…), if I get all my stuff done like a good house wifey, I have a little spare time to do ::GASP!::

A couple weeks ago, I stopped at the park and took a few pictures.

Pertty snow.

Silly me, I was practicing with my new Canon, and had zoomed so far in, I didn’t see that the creeper herd of ducks was trying to surround me. And I wasn’t sticking around long enough for them to realize I wasn’t there to give them bread…

They seem like sweet ducks, at first...

Great, they're after me.

And this week? I decided to play it safe. Somewhere without bread crazed water fowl. And warm.

Retail Therapy.

I hit a few thrift stores to see what goodies I could find. =] And [maybe] I went to JoAnn’s, but “only for some inspiration.”

And boy, the goodies I found.

Feelin' a little spring-y!

Who couldn’t love the super funky vase. For $1.00 (A FREAKING DOLLAR, PEOPLE! love it!) This mustard yellow chunky bracelet was my first find. And when I [maybe] swung by JoAnn’s, I spotted that printed canvas wall art, and HAD to have it. At 60% off, I think it was a good deal.

Total Spent: $3.50

And while I was [maybe] at JoAnn’s, I got some fun ribbons and trinkets to try my hand at making hair clips. Really, I just saw the ribbon and had to create a spur of the moment craft to justify buying it, but hey.

Feelin' a little crafty!

Total Spent: $8.ISH

I did get a little something to indulge my domestic side.

because it just makes my heart smile 😛

Is this not the cutest oven mit? I love the bright lime, and obviously I was digging floral that day. Too bad it won’t stay that way forever! :]

Oh, and my other good find? (I’ll spare you pictures.) An unopened box of Huggies for $3. Say what?! Of all the cool things I found, this is what made my day, lol. I couldn’t believe it. Pretty much saved myself $20 and the gas to Target.

It’s the little things in life!


The Snot So Funny Business Of Boogies


Are gross.

Final answer.

And I knew long before I was a mother that I would not be that mother of the kid with snot running down his face 24/7.

For goodness sakes grab a Kleenex for the kid.

That is not going to be my kid.
I won’t let it happen!

The snotty nosed look just doesn’t suit him…

I’m sure it all stems from my booger phobia which started in 3rd grade. This icky kid Alex, that sat by me and his repulsive nose-picking habits have pretty much scarred me.

The whole epic grossness of the situation has created a mass fear and forever influenced my reaction to of all things booger related.

It’s snot funny.
(ok I had to throw that in there)

Even the word makes me cringe. Like clench-my-teeth cringe complete with a sour face. ::shudder::

My kid will NOT be an Alex.

Wiping gobs under fellow classmates’ desks, just waiting for an unsuspecting finger to brush it.


I’m so grossed out by it, I can’t even believe it’s going to have it own tag on MY blog.

But the reality of it all is that my sweet toddler, the one who would never have that problem, has turned into, well, that boy.

I don’t know how it started.
It all happened so fast…
One minute he was a normal boy,
and the next, he was just

But I’ve got to put a stop to it.

All of the boogers, gobby nose, and picking has GOT TO STOP!

Where does it all come from?
That’s a lot of snot from one tiny cute button nose.

And the kid won’t even let me near him with a tissue. It’s like he LIKES it!??

Dear Lord please tell me this is just a phase…
A short phase.
So I can cuddle my booger-free boy again.

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Day Three: Beautiful Disaster

The first two days of dropping Chazz off at daycare (and the whole daycare experience, really…) went a lot better than I had anticipated.

But morning number three? Was a disaster.

Chazz is too smart for his own my good. He knew the moment we pulled up exactly where we were and why.

And friends? He stuck to me like Velcro. Like super glue. Like white on rice…

And my boy was NOT letting go of me for dear life. He clung to my leg and cried a pitiful cry.

Insert panic.

I was already running late. My mind was a little more than flustered, and leaving Chazz there knowing he was crying would have made me feel aweful.

The look on his little face was heartbreaking. He has it down to an art. And I could have caved right then and there, called in to work, and spent the day cuddling, yet full of guilty.

I think the sitter knew I was on the verge of something, so she swept his cute little butt right up and distracted Chazz with a toy car.

Just long enough for me to sneak right out the door and off to work like a good girl!

And when I came to pick him up at the end of the day? He was right on her lap, snuggled in, watching a movie. (You know, he never sits still to cuddle with me… Sigh, toddlerhood)

And just when I thought I had been replaced… He walked across the room and right into this Mama’s arms.

And all of the panic and guilt I held in all day was instantly lifted. Gone.

Just a proud mama and her little man!

I think this is all going to work out just fine.

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I’ve Got A Mom Crush

As funny as it may sound, it’s true.

I have a total Mom Crush on a mom who comes into the boutique with her son. Not only does she have the custest style I’ve ever seen, but “Sonya” and “Max” are always in a bright mood.

And she is like my parenting muse.

I get butterflies when she comes in. I love seeing he with her young boy. And I know I will pick up a few parenting tips and even have a laugh or two!

Yes, I watch and take note of moms and dads I admire, my mind is always taking notes.

The way she parents her son appeals me. He seems so content and confident to play on his own, occasionally looking around to make sure his mom is close and he is still ok. At which point Sonya usually smiles and nods at him to let him know that he is.

It’s a beautiful thing.

And heartwarming to watch and learn from. All of her hard work as a loving, caring, teaching parent paying off.

The kind of parents Roman and I work to be.

Is it weird for me to be taking motherhood notes? I would never do it in a judgemental way, or to make comparisons to prove myself better. Only to pick up ideas on what I do and don’t want to be as a parent.

Am I the only one with a “parenting muse?” Or is there a mom or dad that you admire as well?

I hope I am not alone. I want to be the best mama I can be for Chazz. I constantly strive towards that. I’ve never done this before, so soaking up the knowledge and the examples of mothers around me has been an awesome way to help navigate this thing called motherhood.

After all, Chazz never came with a handbook!

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Super Mom, You Suck.

Last month, I did my first guest blog post ever over at one of my favesie blogs, Chill Mama Chill.

I thought I would share the post with you all here, because I just love it so much. Enjoy!

Chill Mama Chill was one of the first blogs I added to my Google Reader. I get to read about true motherhood. There are no sugar coatings, it’s not all puppies and rainbows. Plus, our kiddos are around the same age, I constantly find myself nodding and smiling when reading her posts. What an honor to guest blog over there!

When Brandee asked me to blog about my mommy super power, I was excited. But then I froze.
“Wait, super power, do I even have one? I’m no Super Mom”
I worried I would have to tweet her back, cancel my slot. “-) Until The Husband pointed out one simple fact.

“Well you’re alive, arn’t ya? That takes super power.”

And that was such a good point. A major part of the first year of motherhood was merely surviving. Hanging on for one hell of a ride.

Because there is no such thing as that Perfect Super Mom. The one I thought I could be, pre baby? She doesn’t exist.

And while we may try so hard, we are still nowhere near that Perfect Super Mom. But it’s ok!

We still end up the super heroes in our children’s lives. No, we can’t do it all. But we are able to (mostly) juggle the daily demands of life, the responsabilities of children, and neverending work, overdue bills, and the “don’t-leave-your-dirty-socks-there-or-I’m-gunna” days. And that takes something.

Cramming 36 hours of crazy into 24 *is* super power.

We don our mommy capes. Sometimes over pj pants splattered in squash purée and our second-day hair. Sometimes with a cute pencil skirt, sporting our cape from a work desk. (Wishing we were in those pj’s) But we wear our mommy capes, do our best, and hang on. Boom. That’s super power, my mamas.

I’m always reminding myself to concentrate on the good, or what I did get done. I guess that’s my mommy super power. I certainly can’t get it all done all the time. There just isn’t time. But if I pick one or two things everyday to accomplish, whether for my own sanity or for an actual “deadline,” I feel like I’ve at least put a dent in domestic bliss.

I’ve learned that it’s ok to be merely surviving right now. I may not be able to do it ALL, but we all have a super power or two up our sleeve.

Do you think there is a perfect super mom? What is your mommy super power?

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It Was Just The Begining

One year ago today, I was 2 days over due. We were not-so-patiently awaiting Chazz’s arrival and he wasn’t really budging. I had been to the hospital once already due to some pretty hefty Braxton-Hicks contractions. But even at under 5 minutes apart, they were to no avail.

One year ago today, we had spent the last THREE DAYS walking.

Up and down stairs….through the mall…aimlessly wondering grocery stores. (Ok, maybe not aimlessly. that strange craving for lemonaid by the gallon had to be quenched.) We walked blocks and blocks around our neighborhood…more stairs…more malls…walking. And those damn BH contractions would get to three minutes apart. And NOTHING. Nada. Nil.

But alas, one year ago today, was also the “just in case, but dont fret, you won’t really need it, dear.” appointment my midwife’s office was soo nice to schedule me in for. Because apparently, I would need it.

I remember telling Roman I was going to beg for an induction, and wasn’t below throwing a fit and refusing to leave if they didn’t listen. Lol. I apparently wouldn’t need that, because my blood pressure was too high or too low or something, and The Doc gave the go-ahead for it anyway. Yesssss, sweet victory.

And to know that we would finally meet our son soon. We were so giddy (yes, giddy) in the elevator. I had those flutterbies in my stomach. And I’m sure Roman did too.

Haha, little did we know. We still wouldn’t meet him for THREE MORE DAYS! …..that little stinker.

One year ago today was just the begining.

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Cleaning Day

Our house is a royal mess. I haven’t been keeping up with the cleaning since I’ve been back at work, and now, it is certainly time for a Cleaning Day.

Oh but wait, how do you juggle cleaning and mommin’? Since having Chazz, the way we clean (and how often) has changed. There are a few tricks I have picked up along the way that help make cleaning somewhat painless.

The Right Supplies On Hand
I keep all of my supplies in a cleaning caddy. Running from room to room for forgotten supplies is no longer an option. Running from room to room with a cleaning kit at least makes it practical! Having it all in one easy to carry basket or bin helps.

Safe Cleaning Products
The cleaning products we use are what have changed the most. Having a baby around has really made me think about what we clean with. I don’t like to worry about him coming in contact with harsh chemicals. “Is he too close for me to spray this?” “I just mopped that spot he is licking, is he going to ingest something funky?” And someday, (fingers crossed) he might even want to help clean. Eco-Friendly and plant-based cleaning products relieve a lot of those worries. I order our supplies from EcoStore USA and have been so pleased with how well they work.

With an adventurous baby on the loose, I need somewhere to contain him. On cleaning day, I switch off between carrying Chazz in an assortment of slings, and moving his Pack & Play from room to room (to room.) And sticking him in an empty laundry basket always buys some time. He just loves peeking through the slats at us. The slings work good for chores like sweeping and mopping, and he enjoys the view while being close to Mom.

Yep, this is the hard part. Keeping him entertained long enough to complete a chore or two can be challenging. It’s a delicate balance between switching up his toys and bouncing between the sling and the Pack & Play. And good tunes help too! I use “peek-a-boo” a lot, as he gets mad if I leave the room. So keeping it fun is important too. Also, Baby Genius movies work wonders. I have no shame in plopping my kid in front of the T.V. to get something done around here!

Cleaning In Shifts
Sometimes, Roman and I switch off throughought the day. He cleans the kitchen while Chazz and I play or do something simple like dust. And then I’ll bust out the bathroom while they play outside. It’s not as productive, but it works in a pinch.

Speed And Agility
I bet you never thought about it, but this is a major part of my cleaning day. If I plan on getting anything done, I better get it done quick. And chasing down Little Man is where the agility part comes in. Chasing him down after he escapes a laundry basket or spots the vaccume cord soon becomes a test of my endurance. On the bright side, this all counts as a workout, right?

Yes, cleaning can be quite the hoot around here. Somedays we don’t get a lot done. (OK, most days) but we do what we can, when we can, and we always have fun.

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